Saturday, 27 March 2010


A long time ago I told myself and everyone else, they would never catch me in a capital ship. To me they just seemed like a huge, expensive waste of time.. and I said I'd get every BS/BC/Cruiser/Frigate to 5 before I would even consider training for a Carrier.

However due to constant nagging from the Helmet, I did adjust my skill queue and after many months of training I finally undocked in this:

Tada! behold -Unfit Niddy-. named after a memorable Nidhoggur we killed a while ago (that and... its also mostly unfit!)

The strange thing is, as I got closer to be able to fly the thing, I actually got more an more excited about it. Everyday I would announce to everyone I was 1 days closer to being able to fly it. I could tell I was annoying them with it, but I didn't care... I couldn't wait!

I cant actually use the Fighters or any of the remote reps.. but I have already been jumping a lot of my ships from our old home in Egghelende and because of that, its already been quite useful.

Now just another few months of skill training to be able to use it properly :(

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Love/Hate. PICK ONE!

I hate EvE..

..When you get two volleyed by a 2 month old player in a Hurricane, auto piloting to gate with 3 Tech 1 drones.

I love EvE...

...When you get awesome hate mail after killing someone:

Hi Andrea,

Enjoy the expensive loot.

I thought I liked that name when I saw it on the local, sorth of peacefull sound to it.

Here is my post for your enjoyment


I dont understand why it took 6 of you to get rid of me, but for someone with no honor, that means nothing right?, is just a bloody game after all.

Please pod kill rather than just going for the loot. Sad. Is that the way they teach you at home?

Is honorable to go home that way. To die..


Followed by

Next time finished what you started. like a good fuck, is never left unfinished.

Killing militia for the fun of it is no honor and worst alone.

Six against me? OVERKILLL You patethic bitch.

I hate EvE..

...When you get podded because your overview closes itself. Due to frantically clicking the GTFO button.

I love EvE..

...When you actually get a really good fight. Even if you get killed in the process.

I hate EvE...

... When your told by a Russian guy to get a bigger ship to kill his Hurricane, so you get your Lachesis, go to the belt. Kick his stupid ass, till he reaches structure... then he warps a Falcon alt/friend in... and then jams you and the Cane warps away.

I love EvE..

... When something you took part in gets mentioned in the news.

I hate EvE..

... When you get scrammed.

I love EvE...

... When you scam somebody for 700 million isk in one go.

I hate EvE...

...When high sec status PvPers sit on a high sec gate, acting all big and bad bragging about how big thier genitals are... and then jump out the moment you attack them.

I love EvE...

... When you get out with 2% structure from a fight where you thought you was toast.

Do I love or hate EvE? I actually don't know!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Ms paint... like a pro!

So sometimes I make MS paint pics and their never actually meant to be any good, just slightly humorous and for a bit of fun.

So when I saw this pic, I felt it deserved its own post. I did not draw it. It was a guy from our corp who I actually hardly know. Vranz Drooshka

Anyway, you can see what my portrait is supposed to look like in the top right hand side of my blog. Here is this guys pretty awesome attempt at drawing it, using MS paint:

Just wow!

(I particularly love the censored part)

EDIT: I just allowed Anonymous comments on all posts. maybe ill get spammed, but we will see :P

Scram range = dead range

So here I am, flying 20 jumps back home in my pod. Why is that?

Because I suck.

No I really do. the past few weeks I've been flying nothing but Nano ships. For those not familiar with what a Nano ship is. Its a ship that's fitted for speed and long range damage. You sit outta "scram range" and kill the other guy before you run outta cap (due to MWD usage).

Ive been quite successful "Nano-ing" recently. Ive taken on much larger ships/gangs and actually won, or at least managed to drive them off. But the best thing about Nano-ing is that you can nearly always escape should the proverbial shit hit the fan.

There are situations of course where escape isn't always possible. For example, Rapiers webbing you, Nueted by a Curse, scrammed by a frig while being jammed by a Drake (Yeh, seriously), scrammed by a frig while his Scimatar buddy keeps him alive from 50km away... But most of these situations can be avoided if your smart/cautious.

Unfortunately for me, I'm not very cautious.

A really good example of why fighting in scram range is a really bad idea while soloing just happened to me.

I was out roaming in my Claw. I haven't flown the Claw in a real long time and it was quite refreshing to fly an interceptor again. I roamed pretty far, as it was the early morning, and ended up in a system I used to visit often. Dantumi.

Now in one of the belts I spot a named Thorax. I normally wouldnt engage a Thorax at all, but this guy is ratting... has his name on his ship (which is generally considered to be a bad idea) and after a quick check of his info I see hes only a few months old.

OK free kill.

I warp to the belt. There he is, at zero shooting the rats. I immediately tackle him and begin to fire. The thorax pilot doesn't do much at first..

"Perhaps he thinks I'm a rat?" I thought to myself.

I continue to fire while orbiting as close as I can. The Thorax enters armor... then he decides to lock me. He releases some Valkyrie Is ands send them to attack me. They don't hit me much, I'm small, fast and they cant track me very well.

I'm still pretty confident I can win until the worst possible thing happens. He WEBS and SCRAMS me, and a quick check of my combat log I see hes started firing light blasters at me.

After that, I'm toast. Nothing I can do now. My MWD is shut off, and hes faster than me. I feebly try to get outta of his blaster range. But its way to late. My ship exploded and I'm riding home Pod style.

There was no way I could of known he had those, and in a ship like a Claw there is only one way to find out for certain. That's to get in scram range and hope for the best. that's all well and good, but when you see that 90% of all ships sitting in a belt alone is bait... well you get the idea...

Now there are a few ships that can fight in scram quite successfully while still having a chance of escape if things go bad. Like the duel prop Taranis. But not every ship in EvE has the ability to fit both a MWD/AB with a point at the same time.

What bothers me, is the fact that CCP when they first introduced the scram/web changes (Scrams never used to shut off the MWD, and webs were 90% slowing effect) they said they was because they wanted to give players more of an option when their webbed. They didn't want the players to think "Oh, that's it I'm webbed... no escape now..". The web nerf was a good thing, but paired with the scram buff... I think it's made the "Oh shit, nothing I can do here" scenario even worse.

I suck because I knew this before the Claw/Thorax fight even started.

There is only one way to fly now, While soloing or in a small gang.. and that's Nano. The only solo interceptor worth anything is a Taranis. I wont be flying a scram range fighting ship for a long long time.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Smack my bitch up!

First off, I've played quite a few online games, and EvE is probably my favourite out of all them. Its the one I play most.

The past few weeks, Ive noticed something while playing EvE.. that is... I smack.

I don't just mean, I smack sometimes... I smack at every opportunity. I get a kill, I smack. I die, I smack. I wait for some dudes docked up in the station to come out and play... guess what? I smack.

Some people might not know what smack is.. (in other games people dont call it smack) So heres an example:

(Read this thread to understand what we are on about)

[18:00:57] A1eksandr > х
[18:01:10] DAX ZAIR > Smiley
[18:12:56] Andrea Skye > Okay so i read these forums alot and it never cesses to amaze me that so many so called 'pirates' think there bad ass PVP experts becuase they can put 10 ships on a gate and pop anything that comes through
[18:13:09] Lars Lodar > lol
[18:13:16] Battle Dog > wow you can copy and paste arnt you clever
[18:13:21] Lars Lodar > rubber neck thread is da best thread
[18:13:50] DAX ZAIR > forum freak
[18:13:55] Andrea Skye > Proper PVP experience comes from finding and catching your targets and manipulating situations so you have the advantage before the first shots are even fired.
[18:14:01] Andrea Skye > yeh
[18:14:17] Andrea Skye > what about when target TELL you where they are, and you still pussy out anyway
[18:14:19] Andrea Skye > is that pvp?
[18:14:29] Lars Lodar > Cheesy
[18:14:39] Battle Dog > lol you dont even have a fucking clue
[18:14:44] Lars Lodar > was was the KB efficiency again skye?
[18:14:52] Lars Lodar > like 2%?
[18:14:54] Andrea Skye > pretty sure i have more kills than your entire alliance actualy
[18:15:44] Andrea Skye > as i said before thier about as effieceint as a chocolate teapot
[18:15:47] Codi > shit, where did these nublets come from, i thought we already flushed the toilet?
[18:15:53] Andrea Skye > and by effieceint i mean, fucking useless
[18:16:10] Lars Lodar > I think I was their only kill against us
[18:16:18] Lars Lodar > and the gate gun got me in a kitsune
[18:16:20] Andrea Skye > dammit lars!
[18:16:21] Lars Lodar > Sad
[18:16:26] Lars Lodar > I'm sorry baby
[18:16:30] Lars Lodar > I'll be good next time
[18:16:56] Andrea Skye > your a bad bad boy
[18:17:44] Lars Lodar > please don't spank me again

Now this is weird for me because in every online game I've ever played I've always been polite and a good sport. If I lost I'd tell them well played and if I won I'd be very modest and wish them better luck next time.

It wasn't always like this in EvE either. I used to be polite here too. I used to exchange "gf"'s and frown upon the people who talk crap in local.

Ever since I've joined this new version of Python its got progressively worse. I don't really know what has caused it... maybe it was hanging around with Spectre3353 to much (he smacks worse than I do, believe it or not) or maybe it was because of the way Python just honestly doesn't care about anything but having fun... or maybe I'm just a huge jerk.

Hell, maybe its a combination of all of those!

I don't know.

But what I do know... SMACK IS FUN..

Do you smack? I'd like to get other peoples thoughts on this..