Saturday, 31 July 2010

I'm a whiney bitch and I'm taking a break.

Yesterday I undocked in my Sentinel. The past few days I've been able to fly it properly (EWAR frig 4 recently finished) and I've been extremely eager to try it out. I've seen alot of people fly it really well. Be it by taking out larger ships, larger gangs, or just being able to screw over an enemy gang with Tracking Disruptor's and Nuets.

I've also seen people fly it badly. Hi Inertial. Hi Blammo.

Anywho, as I said, I've been wanting to test this ship out the past few days. I've spent my time roaming 30-50 jumps through the most busiest systems in EvE only to find one thing.


Nobody wants a fair fight. Hell nobody wants a slightly uneven fight. I saw a Crusader, Retribution and a Dramiel RUN from my Sentinel today, and the day before that I saw a COMMAND SHIP run from it. Not just any command ship either, it was a bloody Nighthawk.

The only person I've managed to kill was some guy in a Hurricane ratting in a belt. And while the Sentinel did perform admirably I just want a proper fight (He had killed most of my drones with his double webs, and I had forgot to load tracking scripts... so I had to call in backup). A fight like you always used to get in the old days if you roamed enough. One where its just two guys, looking for abit of fun and not just a killmail... anyone else remember that?

Nowadays, low sec is full of Faction war. High security status PvP'ers who never leave the safety of the sentry guns, and people who just hunt for Killmails by sticking 50 T2 cruisers on a guy in a Rupture.

I've always liked soling, I find it relaxing and kinda fun. But I think its time we called it. In low sec... Soloing is dead.

Then there is the news (.pdf file) that Low sec will not be getting looked at for at least 18 months and that CCP will be spending all our cash on Dust and Incarna. Which nobody really wants anyway.

Well, maybe Incarna. Walking around in stations will be pretty cool I guess. But there is alot more pressing issues that need fixing first.

Fix the game we pay for CCP, not some turd thats probably going to fail anyway.

So this is me signing out for a break. Again. I will still be playing EvE, but not as much as normal, which means my blog post will dwindle abit, and my PvP video will be... delayed. But I have got a little footage! So its definitely going to be out someday!


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Your top 5 ships... ever!

So after reading Mail Lites blog post, I've decided to do something similar. These are my favourite ships in EvE:


The Rapier/Huginn

I used to fly this every single time on a roam. Its just so dam awesome. Its mostly used as a scout/tackle ship and it pairs very very well with an Arazu/Lachesis. I like the green engine exhausts on the Huginn, and I wish CCP put them on the Rapier.

The Rapier is flown by our super efficient scout Necio. Some say he's actually a Rapier IRL.


The Crusader

I haven't got to fly this ship much yet, as I was only able to get in it two days ago. But so far its been pretty cool, its a great tackler, its speedy, and it looks god-dam-sexy.

I have always wanted to fly one after seeing Golden Helmet fly one back in the old days of Python. He used to fly nothing but Crusaders. Did I say fly? I meant, he used to die in nothing but Crusaders.


The Sabre

Its basically a shiny Thrasher on steroids, but its one of the most fun ships in the game at the minute. Its fast, has huge alpha (when fitted with arties) and looks like a mini Cyclone. I actually fly these in low sec, fitted with no tank, just arties and speed. Their great, but cost a bomb... so I don't fly them as much as I'd want too.


The Tempest

Awesomest of the awesome its the Tempest at #2. This is my most used ship and I use it for literally everything. Its just so versatile! You can fit it for Sniping, DPS, Nano, Passive shield tank, Passive armor tank with RRs, active shield tank, active armor tank AND you can PvE in it. You just never know what to expect from a Tempest

And it has sails. Every pirate needs sails.


The Tempest Fleet Issue.

Of course! The only ship that could possibly be better than the Tempest is another Tempest! With improved sails and even more rust... it is to me: The Greatest ship in EvE!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Size matters

Behold, the biggest penis in the Galaxy, with a girth of over 50km wide and a length of 200km (including the balls!).

Thanks to Golden Helmet for not ADD-ing out and ERECTING such a display of Python spirit.

Tickets to visit this spectacular monument are now on sale. For only £1million isk, made payable directly to "The Python Cartel." (don't forget the . ), you can gaze in awe and wonder at this magnificent sight.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! It wont be long till the fascist Dev's at CCP dissemble this mighty monument to the male reproductive organ.

The payment of one million isk must be made upon entering Resbroko. Failure to do so will result in your ship being targeted and maybe destroyed.

Oh, and even if you do pay for tickets. Your ship will also probably be targeted... and maybe destroyed.


Saturday, 10 July 2010

You want a fight? .... OH GOD!

The theme of Pythons roam this week was RR Drakes.

Yes, RR Drakes. We fit our ships similiar to this:

[Drake, New Setup 1]
Damage Control II
Mark I Generator Refitting: Reaction Control
Co-Processor II
Ballistic Control System II

Large Shield Extender II
Medium Capacitor Booster II, Cap Booster 800
ECCM - Gravimetric II
Warp Disruptor II
Invulnerability Field II
Invulnerability Field II

Heavy Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Scourge Heavy Missile
Heavy Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Scourge Heavy Missile
Heavy Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Scourge Heavy Missile
Heavy Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Scourge Heavy Missile
Heavy Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Scourge Heavy Missile
Heavy Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Scourge Heavy Missile
Heavy Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Scourge Heavy Missile
Large S95a Partial Shield Transporter

Medium Core Defence Field Extender I
Medium Core Defence Field Extender I
Medium Core Defence Field Extender I

Some people dropped points for a target painter, and one of us was actualy flying a Lachesis for the awesome point range.

As always we headed for faction war land in the search of a blob. Our first stop was Auga and.... it was empty.

Our second stop was Houla, where we managed to get a warp in on some Geddon sparing with his friend in a Macherial. The Macherial managed to get out of range, but the Geddon died quickly as he was in low armor thanks to his friend.

[ 2010.07.11 00:52:45 ] duck eh > wow
[ 2010.07.11 00:53:10 ] duck eh > thats the biggest pussy move ive ever seen

We also got into a little fight on the gate where we killed a Stabber and a Crusader. But still, nothing really exciting. So I decided to do our favourite trick to getting a fight. Head to Amamake, smack in local for abit, and hope that someone gets so pissed at us they formed a gang to kill us.

In Amamake we arrived, and the smack began;

[ 2010.07.11 01:15:14 ] Katsuragi Mimiko > chin chin hoshi....
[ 2010.07.11 01:15:16 ] Jaxxon Voers > bitches love me cause they kjnow that i can rock! 
[ 2010.07.11 01:15:21 ] IEATCRAYONS > -ASCII penis goes here-

[ 2010.07.11 01:15:24 ] IEATCRAYONS > penis! 
[ 2010.07.11 01:15:25 ] Pablanzo > PENIS

[ 2010.07.11 01:15:27 ] IEATCRAYONS > PENIS! 
[ 2010.07.11 01:15:34 ] Andrea Skye > The python cartel, taking over your system once again
[ 2010.07.11 01:15:36 ] Jaxxon Voers > i herd ther wuz pierats in yor systemz 
[ 2010.07.11 01:15:39 ] Pablanzo > fuck you i said it first!

[ 2010.07.11 01:19:09 ] Katsuragi Mimiko > :O


[ 2010.07.11 01:26:09 ] Radcjk > I am jacks complete lack of surprise. 
[ 2010.07.11 01:26:38 ] Jaxxon Voers > i thought amamake was full of pewpew and shit

[ 2010.07.11 01:26:47 ] Jaxxon Voers > all i see is shit
[ 2010.07.11 01:26:54 ] Radcjk > Nah, just a bunch of FW imitaters in drakes in 3-1 
[ 2010.07.11 01:26:58 ] Pablanzo > full of pussy's these days .....

[ 2010.07.11 01:27:08 ] Jaxxon Voers > FW imitator...thats a new one

[ 2010.07.11 01:27:11 ] Andrea Skye > You know where to find us. Just show up, and if we got just a slight chance and dont smell blob trap, we will be ther
[ 2010.07.11 01:27:18 ] Jaxxon Voers > i thought we were no-talent nanofags 
[ 2010.07.11 01:27:25 ] Radcjk > In drakes ? nah

[ 2010.07.11 01:27:43 ] Jaxxon Voers > we get called something new everytime we come here
[ 2010.07.11 01:27:59 ] Katsuragi Mimiko > I still remember the carrier kill here 
[ 2010.07.11 01:28:06 ] Katsuragi Mimiko > That was funny

[ 2010.07.11 01:28:14 ] Jaxxon Voers > mostly we just call you guys 'our bitches', its easier to keep you all straight that way

[ 2010.07.11 01:28:28 ] IEATCRAYONS > boys have a penis

[ 2010.07.11 01:28:34 ] IEATCRAYONS > girls have a vagina

[ 2010.07.11 01:28:35 ] Radcjk > What evr works mate. Im staring at your mad kill skills right now. 
[ 2010.07.11 01:28:48 ] Jaxxon Voers > i am disconcertingly badass, i know

[ 2010.07.11 01:29:09 ] Jaxxon Voers > you can worship me, i dont mind

[ 2010.07.11 01:29:10 ] Radcjk > Its true. I wanna sit in drake gang and talk worthless smack. You take apps ?

[ 2010.07.11 01:29:26 ] Piscis > dont use big words. it confuses the tissue buyers

[ 2010.07.11 01:29:41 ] Andrea Skye > is your penis bigger than 9 inches

[ 2010.07.11 01:29:48 ] Radcjk > With T2 pump yes

[ 2010.07.11 01:29:48 ] Katsuragi Mimiko > I don't speak English.

[ 2010.07.11 01:29:57 ] Jaxxon Voers > not from AOS guys, they usually cant fight their way out of a wet paper sack

[ 2010.07.11 01:30:07 ] Andrea Skye > then feel free to drop an app, along with a photo confirming the size of your penis

40 minutes we waited. 40 minutes of constant smack, and even with 30-50 people in local nobody would fight our 8 man gang sitting in the top belt.

With everybody getting bored we figured we would just head home, where we had heard about a EvE-Uni Carrier sitting outside our home station. For those unaware what EvE Uni is, its basically an EvE training corp. It has alot of members but most of them are clueless with very poorly fit ships. They do seem to throw thier ships at anything that moves (alot like we do) so we thought maybe we could get a decent fight out of them.

We arrived in Resbroko to see a cyno up outside the station. We warped to the cyno, and quickly dispatched the Merlin that was being repped by a Thanatos. I told everyone to just aggress the Thanatos for lulz, and we did. His shield slowly went down and as it was about to enter armor, a Revalation Dreadnought undocked.

"Just Keep moving, it wont be able to track you" said Golden Helmet in his sexy pre-pubescent voice.

We did keep moving, and GH was right! it couldn't really track us. Then to our complete surprise, the Carrier entered Triage! WTF! he wasn't even repping anybody! I decided to get my Niddy and I told everyone else to get in something abit more BEEFY with some Nuetage.

As I undocked I noticed a small local spike of about 5-10, so I decided to not aggress for now. Just in case. Checking scan every few seconds, we saw nothing but a bunch of frigates on scan. I told everyone to keep shooting the Thanny. What would a bunch of Frigs do against BS's with a Carrier repping them?

Then local spiked again.

By 120.

With local now at 150 we decided it would be a very good idea to simply de-aggress. Even if they were in frigates, that is still alot of DEEPS.

They wasn't in frigs tho, they were in BS's, Dreadnoughts, BCs and other assorted ships. When they landed they all began shooting my Carrier. I wasn't aggressed, so I could dock at any time, but I stayed out long enough to keep a few of our guys alive long enough for them to dock. Luckily, they focused most of their attention on me, so it was quite easy.

Our corp docked up and I followed soon after with nearly all my armor on my Carrier blown away.

HOLY BLOB BATMAN! (Thanks Inka for the ss)

All was well. Tho for some reason Super-Jaxx decided to would be a good idea to try and tank 150 pilots with his Ishtar. Needless to say, it didn't end well. He ended up losing his Ishtar.

And his pod.


I love you Jaxx.

Sunday, 4 July 2010


Past week or so the corp and I have been looking forward to an op that was being arranged on a forums. The idea of the op was simple.

- Get as many people online as possible
- Get everyone in either a Gaurdian, or a remote rep battleship, with lots of ECCM.
- Head to Amamake 3-1 and smack until we got blobbed and killed.

The simple plans are always the best plans, and when the day for the op came, we had 16 corpies and 2 friends of corpies in fleet. This was one of the largest gangs we had ever assembled. And even tho our setup was good, and are fits were awesome... nobody really had much more expectations than getting smashed in the top belt and warping back in our pods.

When we got to Amamake the smack began:

[ 2010.07.04 00:23:36 ] Golden Helmet > WE ARE PENIS
[ 2010.07.04 00:23:37 ] TwiceDAsiZe > penis
[ 2010.07.04 00:23:38 ] Golden Helmet > YOU ARE VAGINA
[ 2010.07.04 00:23:42 ] IEATCRAYONS > PENIS
[ 2010.07.04 00:23:42 ] Jawmare > PENIS
[ 2010.07.04 00:23:48 ] Golden Helmet > WE. ARE. PENIS!!!!
[ 2010.07.04 00:23:49 ] Katsuragi Mimiko > CHIN CHIN!
[ 2010.07.04 00:23:49 ] Gallabella > PENISSSSS
[ 2010.07.04 00:24:00 ] MrWhitei God > guys
[ 2010.07.04 00:24:04 ] IEATCRAYONS > PENIS?
[ 2010.07.04 00:24:05 ] Gallabella > Who wants a bag of dicks?
[ 2010.07.04 00:24:10 ] Airric > you people could try to bait better
[ 2010.07.04 00:24:13 ] MrWhitei God > those balls look a bit wierd
[ 2010.07.04 00:24:13 ] Inka Kaoru > ur mom's a bag of dicks
[ 2010.07.04 00:24:25 ] razor122 > ill take a bag
[ 2010.07.04 00:24:31 ] Jawmare > wuts baiting
[ 2010.07.04 00:24:32 ] Jawmare > ?
[ 2010.07.04 00:24:40 ] Golden Helmet > COME OUT AND PLAY, VAGINAS!
[ 2010.07.04 00:24:43 ] Gallabella > come to top belt for free bag of dicks
[ 2010.07.04 00:24:49 ] Jawmare > at 0
[ 2010.07.04 00:24:53 ] Inka Kaoru > i'm a master baiter, wtf r u talking about
[ 2010.07.04 00:24:59 ] razor122 > OMW GALLABELLA
[ 2010.07.04 00:25:03 ] Bruh'n Orellux > what kind of dicks
[ 2010.07.04 00:25:06 ] Golden Helmet > /emote waves his immense penis around
[ 2010.07.04 00:25:11 ] IEATCRAYONS > WTB CYBER
[ 2010.07.04 00:25:17 ] Targie McRed > /emote warps officer fit velator to top belt at 0
[ 2010.07.04 00:25:17 ] MrWhitei God > real men bait at oso gate
[ 2010.07.04 00:25:20 ] Kobrakilla > a/s/l?
[ 2010.07.04 00:25:22 ] Gallabella > spotted dicks
[ 2010.07.04 00:25:24 ] Gallabella > white dicks
[ 2010.07.04 00:25:26 ] Airric > are you going to pull those dicks out of your ass
[ 2010.07.04 00:25:27 ] Targie McRed > kobra?
[ 2010.07.04 00:25:27 ] Gallabella > black dicks
[ 2010.07.04 00:25:33 ] Bruh'n Orellux > wait
[ 2010.07.04 00:25:35 ] IEATCRAYONS > 53/M/INDIA
[ 2010.07.04 00:25:37 ] Golden Helmet > oso gate is for faggots

It went on for quite a while, and while I could post the entire log, I dont think I could even fit the log on the front page of my blog. But hopefully you get the idea.

Nonetheless, nobody came to fight us, and after about half an hour of sitting in the top belt, we decided to go with PLAN B, which was to head on down to Huola which is a system near Amamake that houses alot of faction war dudes.

When we reached Houla, our 9000 series scout reported that there was a Mega on the gate we was about to jump through. I figuired I'd jump through first and get a point, and then see if the Mega would agress me, or just simply jump through the gate and get caught by the rest of the gang.

He agressed me back.. I called the guys through... and he died in no less than 5 seconds. Meh... a kill is a kill.

We sat in Houla for abit, when a crazy irish guy in local seemed to want to tell us how much he loved River Dance.

[ 2010.07.04 01:20:07 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE 
[ 2010.07.04 01:20:08 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE

[ 2010.07.04 01:20:09 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE

[ 2010.07.04 01:20:10 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE
[ 2010.07.04 01:20:11 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE 
[ 2010.07.04 01:20:12 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE

[ 2010.07.04 01:20:13 ] Tatanka Marcussen > RIVER FUCKING DANCE

I'm not sure exactly why he was telling us this. But I'm sure it had a deep and meaningful message in there somewhere.

Anyway. No fights to be had in Huola either. So we decided to goto plan C.

Plan C was to head to Egghelende, which is also very close to Amamake, and annoy the mighty Ken Plante. We arrived in Sisiede and formed up on the Egghelende gate and decided to send our most annoying and also best smacktard in.

You probably guessed it was Spectre3353.

Spectre3353 and Ken Plante had a relationship a long time ago, but it all went sour when Spectre3353 accidently taped over Kens favourite Kylie Minogue cassette. Ken spent several days listening to the radio and taping each song off the weeks-top-40. And he was very upset by Spectres disregard of his most treasured cassette.

Ever since then Ken has hated Spectre and has tried to kill him at any opportunity. He goes into a fit of pure blind rage and ends up throwing his own ships away, and ships of his corp mates.

So Spectre, being the good Python. Smacked and smacked while sitting on Kens home station. You can read the convo here.

But strangely, Ken didnt bite, he must be finally over Spectre, or his new boyfriend has brought him a proper official Kylie Minouge cassette. That, or he had finally got some anger management therapy, and was practicing some excellent self control.

Who knows!?

We saw Kens alt undock, and when we saw him enter Sisiede local we figuired that our trap was busted. He saw our beefy gang, so we decided to give Amamake one last shot.

We turned our ships round, went to Amamake and again sat in the top belt. We then started to smack:

[ 2010.07.04 01:46:03 ] Andrea Skye > THE PYTHON CARTEL CLAIMS THIS SYSTEM AS ITS OWN 
[ 2010.07.04 01:46:07 ] Andrea Skye > WHO DARE CHALLENGE US

[ 2010.07.04 01:46:15 ] WNKyle > not on my watch

[ 2010.07.04 01:46:25 ] Brick0Joe > AMAMAKE DEFENSE FORCE SWAT

[ 2010.07.04 01:46:27 ] Sabine Demsky > MEOW!!!! 
[ 2010.07.04 01:46:40 ] Kobrakilla > LOGIN THE TITAN

[ 2010.07.04 01:46:50 ] 00sage00 > HAI KYLE

[ 2010.07.04 01:46:50 ] Brick0Joe > RELEASE THE KRAKEN

[ 2010.07.04 01:46:50 ] Katsuragi Mimiko > ANAL HURTS! BUT YOU GET USED TO THE PAIN!!

[ 2010.07.04 01:46:59 ] Helicity Boson > bane should renounce their evil ways and join the ADF!
[ 2010.07.04 01:47:00 ] Inka Kaoru > i herd we couuld get a fight here 
[ 2010.07.04 01:47:02 ] Inka Kaoru > c/d?

[ 2010.07.04 01:47:04 ] WNKyle > d 
[ 2010.07.04 01:47:05 ] 00sage00 > d

[ 2010.07.04 01:47:09 ] Jawmare > d

[ 2010.07.04 01:47:12 ] 00sage00 > too many pussies

[ 2010.07.04 01:47:15 ] WNKyle > c

Kens alt entered local:

[ 2010.07.04 01:47:16 ] Andrea Skye > HEY KENNY 
[ 2010.07.04 01:47:17 ] Jawmare > d

[ 2010.07.04 01:47:19 ] Andrea Skye > LONG TIME NO SEE

[ 2010.07.04 01:47:20 ] Brick0Joe > HELLO SHLERKEDERKELER

[ 2010.07.04 01:47:20 ] IEATCRAYONS > HI KEN

[ 2010.07.04 01:47:22 ] Jawmare > HI KENNY

[ 2010.07.04 01:47:22 ] Helicity Boson > ken is the best curse pilot
[ 2010.07.04 01:47:24 ] 00sage00 > HI KEN
[ 2010.07.04 01:47:26 ] Jawmare > WTF IS PROTUS? 
[ 2010.07.04 01:47:29 ] Eofina > Release the Kraken!

[ 2010.07.04 01:47:36 ] 00sage00 > i r leet pvper? 
[ 2010.07.04 01:47:36 ] Kri Matar > oh shit, we gonna blog about this?

[ 2010.07.04 01:47:43 ] Spectre3353 > hellz yea 
[ 2010.07.04 01:47:46 ] Andrea Skye > NICE CURSE FLYING IN THE FIRST ROUND OF THE TOURNY

[ 2010.07.04 01:47:55 ] Jawmare > I WAS MISSIONING IN A RAVEN, THEN A PROTUS WARPED IN

[ 2010.07.04 01:47:55 ] Andrea Skye > GOOD JOB YOUR TEAM DIDNT FUCK UP AS MUCH AS YOU DID HUH 
[ 2010.07.04 01:47:56 ] 00sage00 > PRO PILOTING

[ 2010.07.04 01:47:56 ] Brick0Joe > I heard that to be a pro curse pilot you MWD into the opposing team

[ 2010.07.04 01:48:01 ] Jawmare > WTF IS PROTUS?

Even Spectre himself thought that maybe our smack was going a little bit to far..

[ 2010.07.04 01:48:11 ] Spectre3353 > please be more professional pythons
[ 2010.07.04 01:48:15 ] Spectre3353 > we are above the smacktalk

Again, the smack went on for a small while and as Spectre was about to tell us to give up:

[ 2010.07.04 01:51:23 ] Spectre3353 > we should just go 
[ 2010.07.04 01:51:30 ] Spectre3353 > the longer we sit, the sooner until we get smacked down by a hotdrop

[ 2010.07.04 01:51:32 ] Spectre3353 > and nothign is coming

An Abbadon, two tempests, A Megathron AND a Nidhoggur appeared on close range scan:

[ 2010.07.04 01:51:40 ] Spectre3353 > or not

And it began! It was BANE, Kens alliance and it seemed they meant business.

We primaried the Megathron and someone reported that their Niddy had entered Triage mode. For those of you unaware what Triage mode is, it basically boosts your repping and local tank by a very large amount. It does however make you run out of a cap very fast if you start running everything.

More battleships landed, along with a Falcon. Everybody hate Falcons, even when your running double ECCMs, and everyone was quite relieved when Kobrakilla announced that he just one volleyed it in sniper Maelstrom. Shortly after Ken plante landed in a Armagedden with a full rack of nuets.

I told everyone to primary the Megathron. The Carrier began repping it and we simply could not break its tank. BANE were primarying Golden Helmet, but they also couldn't break our rep train. We were at somewhat of a stalemate but we had a slight advantage. Our Gaurdians wouldn't run out of cap, but the Carrier would.

I told everyone to switch primary to the Carrier... so that he had to turn on his local tank, thus wasting even more cap. We pounded it for a while, and being in triage he managed to tank all of us quite easily... that is... till he ran out of a cap a few minutes later.

I told everyone to switch primary again, back the Megathron and this time he went down fast. We switched primary to a Hurricane, who died before I could even lock it. Then to Kenny in the Gedden. Kenny melted like a Freddo in your back pocket on a hot day and already this gang was happy. Killing Ken Plante is our favourite past time.

We killed a few more ships, and we all began approaching their carrier to make sure it didn't get out of range. With the Carrier capped out and their dps ships dropping, BANE decided to call it a day and get the hell out of the belt. So off they ran like little bitches leaving us to finish of their capped out Carrier.

As it died there was an eruption of FUCK YEAS on comms, and we set about scooping as much loot as we could. I warped my alt in to collect the Capital mods from the Carrier wreck, but one of the BANE guys in a sniper ship destroyed the wreck.


I decided right then to call it. We had just beat a group of "Pro-pvpers" and not took a single loss in a pretty evenly matched fight. It was probably the best fight I've ever been in. You cant really tell from the engagement on the killboard, as we took zero losses, but BANE had 12 guys including a triage carrier, where as we had 19 with just BS/BC/Gaurdian support.

They had seen exactly what they had, and had formed a fleet specifically to kill us. The Falcon with mostly Amarr jammers to jam the Gaurdians, the neut Geddon to break our cap transfer chain, and the Triage carrier to negate our ECM and keep his fleet alive long enough to break our RR chain.

But they still got rolled!

After I returned home and docked up for the night I recieved a mail from Griznatle. You may remember him from a previous post:

carrier kill
From: Griznatle

Sent: 2010.07.04 06:12

To: Andrea Skye,

please send to spectre
wants to congratz you on a job well done.

Also, I wanna be honest with you. This game, its pixels, I might treat you guys like crap, and you treat me like scum, but you guys did a good job out there and yes im a bad pvper but i can still tell that you ate your wheaties and got it done.

Till next time your in local

We must of done something right :D

Props to Bane for bringing the fight tho, and well done Pythons for actually pulling your shit together for a change.

Pythons returning home

PS. You can read Helicity's version of events here, and Spectre's here.
PPPS. sage also made a post about it here