Thursday, 11 March 2010

Smack my bitch up!

First off, I've played quite a few online games, and EvE is probably my favourite out of all them. Its the one I play most.

The past few weeks, Ive noticed something while playing EvE.. that is... I smack.

I don't just mean, I smack sometimes... I smack at every opportunity. I get a kill, I smack. I die, I smack. I wait for some dudes docked up in the station to come out and play... guess what? I smack.

Some people might not know what smack is.. (in other games people dont call it smack) So heres an example:

(Read this thread to understand what we are on about)

[18:00:57] A1eksandr > х
[18:01:10] DAX ZAIR > Smiley
[18:12:56] Andrea Skye > Okay so i read these forums alot and it never cesses to amaze me that so many so called 'pirates' think there bad ass PVP experts becuase they can put 10 ships on a gate and pop anything that comes through
[18:13:09] Lars Lodar > lol
[18:13:16] Battle Dog > wow you can copy and paste arnt you clever
[18:13:21] Lars Lodar > rubber neck thread is da best thread
[18:13:50] DAX ZAIR > forum freak
[18:13:55] Andrea Skye > Proper PVP experience comes from finding and catching your targets and manipulating situations so you have the advantage before the first shots are even fired.
[18:14:01] Andrea Skye > yeh
[18:14:17] Andrea Skye > what about when target TELL you where they are, and you still pussy out anyway
[18:14:19] Andrea Skye > is that pvp?
[18:14:29] Lars Lodar > Cheesy
[18:14:39] Battle Dog > lol you dont even have a fucking clue
[18:14:44] Lars Lodar > was was the KB efficiency again skye?
[18:14:52] Lars Lodar > like 2%?
[18:14:54] Andrea Skye > pretty sure i have more kills than your entire alliance actualy
[18:15:44] Andrea Skye > as i said before thier about as effieceint as a chocolate teapot
[18:15:47] Codi > shit, where did these nublets come from, i thought we already flushed the toilet?
[18:15:53] Andrea Skye > and by effieceint i mean, fucking useless
[18:16:10] Lars Lodar > I think I was their only kill against us
[18:16:18] Lars Lodar > and the gate gun got me in a kitsune
[18:16:20] Andrea Skye > dammit lars!
[18:16:21] Lars Lodar > Sad
[18:16:26] Lars Lodar > I'm sorry baby
[18:16:30] Lars Lodar > I'll be good next time
[18:16:56] Andrea Skye > your a bad bad boy
[18:17:44] Lars Lodar > please don't spank me again

Now this is weird for me because in every online game I've ever played I've always been polite and a good sport. If I lost I'd tell them well played and if I won I'd be very modest and wish them better luck next time.

It wasn't always like this in EvE either. I used to be polite here too. I used to exchange "gf"'s and frown upon the people who talk crap in local.

Ever since I've joined this new version of Python its got progressively worse. I don't really know what has caused it... maybe it was hanging around with Spectre3353 to much (he smacks worse than I do, believe it or not) or maybe it was because of the way Python just honestly doesn't care about anything but having fun... or maybe I'm just a huge jerk.

Hell, maybe its a combination of all of those!

I don't know.

But what I do know... SMACK IS FUN..

Do you smack? I'd like to get other peoples thoughts on this..


  1. I can't say I condone smack talk personally, no matter what the situation. If someone is particularly discourteous then I just leave system, rather than giving them the satisfaction in smacking (whatever that satisfaction is).

    Piracy in itself is a mean profession, there is no need to ever add insult to any injury incurred in Eve. I've made some of my best friends after having been owned by them and then got on to talking.

    A friendly 'gf' never hurt anybody. Still, each to their own!

  2. Hey Kishin, shut your mouth you pussy
    Hello Kitty online is ----> that way

  3. ^_^ I see wat u did there, Kobra.

  4. Nice to see I got some smack from my anti-smack message there!

    My point remains the same regardless. You guys smack, I'll focus on being a decent pirate (OMGZZ, did the piratez just smack back?!)

  5. I kind of feel like I'm torn between Kishin and Andrea's opinions, personally. I smack like a madman in games like Left4Dead, and if anyone ever instigates any amount of smack in EVE, I really can't help myself at times.

    In general though, I try to say relatively little in local, and at least thank parties involved for the fight. Still, sometimes everyone needs to make some exceptions. It's all just amusing at the end of the day anyways.


    Keep your eyes on the prize. And don't forget to pump your loins kids!

  7. Smack and banter can be a fine line. As a rule, The Bastards don't smack. We avoid insulting people and rubbing salt into people's wounds. Especially after we have successfully ransomed them. Most of the time, people are so butt-hurt the insults are all one way. It is quite amusing. Just saying 'gf, come again' is usually enough. If one is in doubt, say nothing and start looking for someone else.