Tuesday, 11 October 2011

UP and DOWN the pipe. (but mostly down)

I spent most of my time tonight going up and down a pipe of systems near Egghelende with Necio. I was in an Arazu and he was in a Macherial. It was pretty uneventful for the most part but we did manage to snag a Drake who got a little to cocky on a gate.

I tackled him on a gate first, but he jumped through and warped to a spot about 300k off it. He told us how he'd like to kill us:

[00:36:32] Revathy > i wish you were in something smaller
[00:36:49] Revathy > so that I can shoot my missiles at you and blow you up

He continued to warp to spots just off gates, until eventually we managed to probe him out and kill him. He didn't say anything after that.

So, we carried on roaming, and we did manage to get camped in a system called Taff by a bunch of Recons and T3's but they eventually got bored and let us go. I did manage to enjoy a Cheese and pickled Onion Sandwich while we was waiting for them to leave, so it wasn't all to bad.

When we finally got out we headed to a system called Avenod. In Python this system had special meaning, as it was the system where Python MK1 originally died. Its been a running joke ever since then about it being a kind of Elephant Graveyard for corps. Its where corps go to die.

Avenod, was well, dead of course. But on the way back to our main pipe we noticed a Carrier on scan in a system called Isbrabata, and we soon found it wasn't just on scan it was in a mission! So off went Necio with the probes and off I went in corp chat telling my corp to get their asses here asap.

5 seconds later, which is exactly the amount of time Necio needs to probe you out, he told me he had a hit! So in he warped, with me in tow, only to find that the Carrier had gone. Dam, he must of seen the probes.

So we did what any persistent pirate would do and we bookmarked the mission then made believe we had left. Necio kept his unaffiliated alt in system to watch if he came back and after a couple of minutes he returned to his mission.

I immediately jumped back in and warped to the bookmark, only to land 80km off of him. I uncloaked and hit my MWD and managed to get a point, only to get targeted by the 500000 rats in the mission. I saw my cap disappear instantly from a bunch of rats nuets and there was a bunch of rat missiles heading my way. Outta cap and unable to point I was useless.

The carrier managed to get away, but he didn't dock up. He sat outside the station for a while and he actually shot at us a few times with his drones. He had also gotten the help of 2 friends, one in a Macherial and one in a Hurricane. My fellow corpies had arrived in the system next door by now and we figured we might actually be able to get a fight outta these guys.

But even with all the warping-to-obvious-belt and warping-back-to-the-station-then-back-to-obvious-belt. They still wouldn't play, and to our dismay one of them told us to "have fun" in local, then all three of them docked up and logged off.

All wasn't lost tho, because while we were dicking around with the Carrier it turns out a Maelstrom had started to do a mission. Necio quickly probed him out and I warped too him but again that wasn't just a simple kill. Turns out the guy had disconnected, and was in an emergency warp safe, and when he logged back in we were actually warping to his emergency safe... so it seemed like we had missed yet another kill...

EXCEPT Necio just hit scan again and warped us to his real mission, this time I got a point and managed to hold it long enough for the rest of the gang to arrive and finish him off.

After that we all headed home, kinda disappointed about the Carrier. But at least we got something.

Sunday, 9 October 2011


What do you mean its october? Oh I see, I havent posted this entire year! Well, thats because I quit EvE. I had grown seriously bored of low sec and its tiny balled inhabitats and I ended up giving all my gear away. All in all, about 3 billion isk, a carrier and a bunch of ships.

I did manage to retrieve some, and I have managed to get enough back to get by, but if i learnt anything, its:

But anyway, I got the urge to play again. So now I have just applied to a new corp. They are called The Black Sail Anarchists and they live in Egghelende which is one of my favourite systems of all time. Hopefully I shalt have a ton of adventures worth writing about, and if not, well, I guess I'll just post ponies.