Saturday, 27 March 2010


A long time ago I told myself and everyone else, they would never catch me in a capital ship. To me they just seemed like a huge, expensive waste of time.. and I said I'd get every BS/BC/Cruiser/Frigate to 5 before I would even consider training for a Carrier.

However due to constant nagging from the Helmet, I did adjust my skill queue and after many months of training I finally undocked in this:

Tada! behold -Unfit Niddy-. named after a memorable Nidhoggur we killed a while ago (that and... its also mostly unfit!)

The strange thing is, as I got closer to be able to fly the thing, I actually got more an more excited about it. Everyday I would announce to everyone I was 1 days closer to being able to fly it. I could tell I was annoying them with it, but I didn't care... I couldn't wait!

I cant actually use the Fighters or any of the remote reps.. but I have already been jumping a lot of my ships from our old home in Egghelende and because of that, its already been quite useful.

Now just another few months of skill training to be able to use it properly :(