Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Payback is a bitch... and so am I!

Firstly Id like to say welcome back to an old friend who has come back to Eve after recently escaping a Gallentee high security Prison camp. You can read about his escape here: This is the same guy who inspired this very blog, so welcome back Spectre3353!

Floating lazily in my Rupture, waiting for something worthwhile to kill is how I spend alot of my time in EvE.

Once again I was in Mara, and I was seeking out a Maller. I seemed to keep missing him by a few seconds. It was during one of those close encounters I saw his name on my overview. The name seemed familiar, so I did a quick check on his public records but I couldn't seem to place him.

He was part of one of the training Corps that capsuleers are thrown into when they first become pod Pilots, but I knew I had seen him somewhere before. So I checked our corporations Kills log, which records any ships we destroy or lose.

"Voila!", there he was... It appears he was part of a gang that "baited" my corp mate just the day before. Hmm..

Mallers are great bait ships, as they can withstand alot of punishment. I paused a moment from chasing him and considered my options. This guy is probably bait, so it would be wise to back off no? I didnt know what kind of gang he could be flying with either.. so its probably best to leave him be. Let some other unfortunate soul be victim to the "bait in Mara" trick...

But no.. once again I start to hear a voice in the back of my mind..

"You could kill him before his mates arrive.."

Could I?

Well, there's one way to find out I guess. So shrugging of caution, which seemed so easy to do recently, I set a course to a belt where my scanner had him pinpointed.

Sure enough, he was there. I landed right next to him and quickly began to lock him only for my computer to say:

"NOTIFY: Your attempt to target Maller failed"

A few months ago, I would of started to panic, but I kept my head and gently pressed target once more and waited. You see, I had discovered that this is a bug with some ships computers. I'm not sure what causes it, but if you continue to spam the target button after you get this kind of error. You will never be able to target as the computer just keeps restarting the targeting process. If you press it once and just wait however, even tho it doesn't appear to be targeting, eventually you will get a lock.

And a lock I got. The shield on my Rupture was at half power now, but I was armor tanked so it didn't really matter about my Shields. I opened fire and quickly evaporated his shields under a hail of machine gun fire. I knew that the Maller was also armor tanked just like I was and once I started to do damage to his armor I groaned a little... His armor was stupidly strong and I contemplated trying to escape... but my readout showed that I still had a little sheild left.

His damage was pathetic. So I forgot all thoughts of running away and continued to rain 220mm rounds upon his hull. I knew if nothing changed I would win... but something did change. Just as his armor was starting to take some real damage a Moa warped in, who I knew was with him as he was part of the corp that had killed my corp mate.

The Moa quickly locked me and I was trapped. With no hope of escape I did what I usually do when there's no hope of coming out of a fight intact.. I overloaded my guns and fought on. If I was going to get destroyed I will take one of them with me. The Maller was starting to buckle under the extra pressure, but so was my Rupture. The combined damage from both of their ships was really starting have an impact.

I kept firing, my armor holding... barely. The Maller began to take structure damage, and a few seconds later so did I. I closed my eyes and waited, I heard an explosion followed by another. My pod shot out into space and I quickly warped it out of the belt. Looking back I saw the Maller had been destroyed too, and I felt good that I had taken at least one of them with me.

I went back to passari and quickly jumped in my Vagabond. The Vagabond is my favourite ship when it comes to engaging multiple hostiles and I wanted some revenge.

So I went back to Mara ignoring the sentries that started firing at me as I got to the gate. I jumped through and warped to a safe spot, and I noticed that local had started to fill up. Checking the scanner I saw that several ships were located in the same direction.

Arbitrator, Vengeance, Manticore and two Mallers. Checking the ship names I saw that one of them was the Moa pilot from before, he must have changed ships. Without thinking I set a course right for them and I landed in the belt just as most of the gang had warped off. But there was one still here, alone and not moving. It was the same guy who had killed me in the Moa just moments before. I saw RED.

I turned on my microwarp drive and sped towards him. He was in a Maller this time and I quickly caught up to him and locked and scrambled him. I emptied my drone bay and sent my drones to attack the Maller. I Kept my distance as any good Vaga pilot does and watched as the Maller helplessly tried to close distance. He didn't have any speed mods and was covered in armor plates. He had no chance of catching me.

He was going down pretty fast and a few moments later his friends started to arrive. I overloaded my guns, and continued firing. A Vengeance landed just as the Maller was going into structure and it started to speed towards me. I toggled my MWD on as I knew I got webbed it would be all over. I was going out of range of the Maller now, but my drones continued to attack him. I saw the Maller explode in a bright orange fireball and turned my attention to the retribution. We was quite far from the Arbitrator and the other Maller now and the Retribution Pilot must have understood the situation. I saw him align and warp out just as I was about to get a lock. Cursing, I headed toward the Arbitrator who also warped out, followed closely by the Maller.

My ship slowed down and I calmed down and and savoured the feeling. I scooped the Maller loot to my cargo hold and decided to wait out my timer in a secluded part of the system. Its a great feeling when you destroy someone who had destroyed you just moments before and I recommend it to anyone. So next time you get killed and want to get revenge on someone. DONT pay mercs or some other gun for hire to do it for... do it YOURSELF! its a much better feeling when you do so, and alot more fun too!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Yes, another post about Interceptors!

So there I was.

Criminally Flagged, in a Rapier, in Mara, looking for something to shoot. Mara is the place us pirates go when we feel like a party. Its kinda like Amamake but with better Music.

Hitting the refresh button on my scanner every two seconds was starting to make my fingers ache. There was plenty of targets, but they were either sitting near gates (yuk, sentry guns) or cloaked just like I was. I was about to give up, and dock up for the night when something caught my eye.


I'll never be able to catch that I thought, checking the Pilots records I saw he was quite experienced and from the Veto Corporation. He probably wouldn't be caught unless he wanted to. Hmm, he wouldn't engage a Rapier, even if I sat in the first asteroid belt, uncloaked, and started Mining. So what would he engage?

My mind wondered to the 3 Claws still sitting in my hangar. He almost certainly go for one of those. So I rushed back to Passari, docked up and got into the nearest Claw and then headed back to Mara.

I had that feeling you get just as about combat is imminent. I knew the Crusader wouldn't be able to resist and jumping through the gate back to Mara i rubbed my hands together and got ready to savour a good old fashioned 1v1 interceptor fight "Just like old times" I thought.

I aligned my ship to warp out when I heard a Almighty thud, followed by loud crash. I was being attacked? by what exactly? "CRACCCKKKKK" I saw the tip of my left wing shatter, out the corner of my eye.

"WARP DAMIT!" , I punched warp button on the console, still not knowing what was going on. Luckily I was in a Claw, and they can warp out of bad situations like this pretty fast assuming they ain't scrambled. I entered the warp tunnel and sat back in my chair.

What the hell was that? I checked my ships database for recent aggression and it turns out the person who had been trying to destroy my ship belonged to the Caldari Navy. Hmmmm.... ohhh! then it clicked. Of course. I was Criminally Flagged and the Caldari navy don't like criminals, I don't know why, they are just very touchy about it. Anyway I had been shot by the sentries and my ship was in a pretty bad way, but at least I had survived to laugh about it later on.

Checking the scanner again, the Crusader was still there and he appeared to be looking for me. I watched him warp from Planet to planet trying to find me to no avail.

I sat in my Safe spot, fuming over my stupidity. If I had just waited a few more minutes my ship would be in a fight right now. I couldn't engage now as all my armor had been blown off and engaging a fresh Crusader would just be throwing my ship away. So I sat there waiting, and waiting until my new criminal timer ran out. Hoping that maybe the crusader would stick around until I could get back to the station and repair my ship.

Sure enough as my timer expired the crusader was still zipping around, so I jumped into Passari and went back to the station, repaired my ship and headed back to Mara. I jumped in, checked the local Comms channel (that shows all the pilots in the system) and the Crusader pilot had gone.

Dammit. I sat there a moment trying to decide what to do. Veto were also a pirate cooperation that lived nearby, just a few jumps away in fact, in Ishomilken. Maybe the Crusader pilot had gone back to his home station, and maybe if he saw me in local would want to fight again. However he would probably have friends as it was his home system after all. But caution was never a trait I did possess and I felt cheated out of a good fight. So I set a course for Ishomilken and arrived there a few minutes later.

Just as I thought, the crusader pilot was there, so I quickly warped to the nearest planet and waited again for the crusader. Watching scan, for a while nothing happened. When suddenly a Sentinel appeared on scan. Checking the name of the ship i saw it was the same pilot who had been in the Crusader.

Sentinels are generally a no-no for interceptors, as they use energy neutralisers and tracking disruptor's. Both bad news for a claw as you cant use your Microwarp drive, and they ruin the tracking of your guns. On top of all that they use light drones, which eat interceptors alive.

The Sentinel didn't hang around and soon landed at the planet a little bit away from me. I was going to warp out there and then, but then I remembered how cheated I felt, missing a cool 1v1 interceptor fight and figured Id make the veto guy pay. Id fly around just outside his drone range and tease him until he couldn't take anymore. Then maybe he would go fetch his Crusader again.

So that's what i did, and when I saw the Sentinel warp to the station I clapped my hands together and thanked the EvE gods for being so kind. And I promised to sacrifice a small goat when I get back home. I warped to the station and waited for the Veto pilot to undock and I jumped out my chain when i saw a Crusader appear on my overview.

I quickly locked and tackled it without even thinking and activated my guns. The other crusader pilot didn't seem surprised and I watched as he did the same and started firing back . My shield disintegrated almost instantly, and my armor started to take damage. But my claw was well armored and took all the Crusader could throw at it. Meanwhile my 200mms, were chewing through his armor at an alarming rate and soon his structure. He exploded while I still had most of armor left and I started to lock his pod when I noticed something strange on my overview.

A sentinel?

Wait... I just killed this guy. What the hell was going on? I forgot the pod and quickly warped out and checked the kill mail I received from Concord. And to my surprise the Crusader pilot was actually a different pilot all along, tho he was also from Veto. Maybe they had tried to double team me?

Regardless, I was happy, I came for a Crusader kill, and got one, even tho it wasn't the guy I intended to kill. I warped to the gate to leave and noticed I was being followed, by the Sentinel and the guy I had just blown up. This time he was in a Iskhur and obviously wanted some revenge.

I couldn't take both of them so I quickly made my way back home. And being lighter and more agile I made it without any problems. I docked up at my station and couldn't help feeling an ounce of shame for running away so quickly without really thinking it through.

Maybe I could have lured one of them away from the other and got a second kill? I sat there for a second, and reminded myself I got what I went for and that was a Crusader kill mail. But the voice in the back of my head told me to go back and fight.

Its a very persuasive voice, and extremely hard to resist. The things its made me do, I cant write here as children might be reading, but suffice to say they ain't pretty.

So I had one half of me telling me to dock up for the night, and the other half telling me to go back to Ishomilken. Obviously, being the mentally unstable type I undocked and headed back to Ishomilken and began to look around for the Sentinel Pilot.

I knew the chances were, if he caught me, Id probably lose my ship. But at the time I didn't seem to care. Once I go looking for a fight I usually either get one or get blown up trying to win against impossible odds. I remember the time I tried to solo a Rapier, Rook, Vulture and a Zealot in my Drake (that's a story for another time). It was the same voice now, as it was then.

Anyway, I warped around looking for the sentinel. He seemed to be doing the same and it was like we kept missing each other. Until eventually we landed at the exact same time right near each other. "Here goes nothing" I thought.

He was about 20km off and I burnt towards him. He tried to keep distance but my ship was alot faster. I caught him pretty quickly and activated my warp scrambler, shutting of his Microwarp drive. He launched his drones and I began to hear them start tearing chunks out my ship. I heard the sound of an energy neutraliser and watched as my screen started flashing about how I had low power. My microwarp deactivated as I didn't have the power to run it. But my scrambler was still working, barely. I opened fire and to my suprise the tracking on my guns seemed fine.

Why wasn't I Tracking disrupted? I watched as my guns tore through the other guys ship with striking ease, and it wasn't long before he was scrambling away in his escape pod. I sat there a moment dumbstruck. I had been running from the sentinel for a while now and it turns out he wasn't fit as most Sentinel pilots do.

Afterwards we had a small chat about fittings, and his fit was more of a gang tackler fit. He seemed friendly enough, and I almost felt bad about blowing him up. But he was OK about it, and I know he would of done the same to me if he had the chance.

I made my way back home again (uneventful trip), once again impressed by interceptors and wondered why I ever stopped flying them in the first place. They are a hell of a lot of fun to fly!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Size isnt everything? or is it?

*Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt*

"uh" I grumbled getting out my bunk. I dodged past the empty Quafe cans scattered about the floor and switched off the alarm.

Dammit I overslept again! I quickly got dressed and headed to the Office.

The place was empty, seems like I'd missed everybody. Not again, I thought. So I went down to the hangar and prepared myself for a solo outing. "OK, maybe I'll find a Battleship ratting or something" I said to myself, trying to be optimistic.

Looking at my ships, I was abit stuck for choice. But just as I was about to get into my Rapier, the Cargo door to the Hangar opened and my Hauler reversed her Mammoth in.

"Hmm, I don't remember making any orders yesterday" I thought. So I went over and waited for the Bay doors on the mammoth to open. To see what goodies might be inside. A huginn maybe? a Hurricane with trimarks? maybe even a new Cerberus... Hmm!

The door opened and I was quite disappointed. Inside was 3 Claw Interceptors.

I Called my hauler, Courtney Lester, on my comms... "Is this some kind of joke?" I asked "How am I supposed to kill a Domonix in that? Hell how am I supposed to kill anything?"

"Just following orders Ma'am, you asked for 3 Claws, I bring 3 Claws. Now give me my dam money!"

I looked at the order form, sure enough my signature was there. Dammit, I must of been drunk. I thought about not paying her, and just telling her to take them back. But haulers who work illegally for pirates are very hard to come by. I reluctantly paid Courtney the Isk and asked the hangar tech guys to unload the Claws.

After the hangar techs were finished I decided I may as well fly a Claw, I got three of them, if it gets destroyed its no biggie right? I boarded up, cursing the guy who invented alcohol and flew out of the hangar. I have to admit it felt nice being in such a fast ship for a change and I flew out of the hangar almost knocking off my right wing against a Iteron Mark II

"HEY WATCH WHERE YOUR FLYING, JACKASS!" I yelled at the Iteron pilot. I knew he couldn't hear me, but I felt better none the less.

"OK Piracy!" Checking the local comms channels around Passari, it seemed everywhere nearby was completely dead. So I set a course for Black Rise which is quite a few jumps out. I activated the auto pilot and made my way to Tama.

Tama at this point in time is a war torn system. Mostly where the Gallentee and Minimatar stand off against Caldari. Its extremely active and your almost guaranteed to find something to shoot or be shot by.

So I warped myself to spot in the middle of the system and set about scanning around. The scan was flooded by various ships, Rifters, Incursus's, Falcons, Thorax's, Griffens, and a Crow. A crow? These were a Claw pilots breakfast. I scanned around, and pinpointed him to a belt alone.

Without thinking I set a course there and landed in the belt a few moments later to see the Crow pilot about 70km off. I Activated the Microwarp drive and sped towards him. Only to see him warp off to a gate. As he did so an Incursus landed in the belt only 20km off. Just as I was about to turn around and tackle the poor frig, a Rifter and a Griffin land, followed closely by a Falcon and a couple of Thorax's. I Knew this was the perfect moment to make my exit but first I would have to make some distance between them, as if I stop to align I might get warp scrambled. So I activated my Microwarp once more and sped away from the Gang of pilots which was growing bigger by the second. "All that for a Claw?" I thought.

After i got enough distance i warped to the Kedama gate, and quickly jumped through. Hoping that the gang that just tried to blow up my precious Claw didn't follow. I warped to the center of the system and scanned around. There was one ship on scan and it was a Rifter. I scanned it down and it seemed to be at a control Post.

Now a interceptors worst nightmare is a ship with Stasis webs, and a good Rifter never leaves home without one. And if I lost my T2 frigate to a T1 frigate, I'd never live it down, my corp mates would probably laugh at me for weeks.

But, I was hungry, I hadn't shot anything all night and maybe the Rifter was just a new pilot exploring and it would be a easy kill. Listening to the Demon on my shoulder I warped to the control post and landed right next to the Rifter.

"Great!" I thought. I locked and Warp scrammbled him and to my surprise he locked me back. I felt my ship shudder as my ship begin to slow down and my Microwarp drive deactivate. I had been Webbed and Scrammed and had no chance of escape. "Not great" I thought.

I did the only thing I could do and activated my 200mm's and the Rifter responded by shooting me back with his very own autocannons. I overloaded my guns for abit of extra beef and watched as my armor started to be smashed apart by the Rifter. But his armor was going down almost as fast as mine was. "I cant lose!" I said to myself.

We both hit structure as pretty much the same time, and from there I knew I had won. The claw has more structure than the Rifter and I had a Damage Control II, which my opponent had decided not to fit. A few seconds later the Rifter exploded and I watched as the other guys pod warped out to safety.

We exchanged "Gf's" and I meant it. It was a really good fight and I nearly got more than I bargained for.

I looted the guys wreck, which was pretty good loot for a Rifter and set a course back home to Passari. The journey home was quite uneventful, and I docked up a few minutes later and made my way back to my room.

What a Boring night. I sat down on my bunk and looked on the bright side. I had come back intact and had even got a kill. Even tho it was just a measly Rifter it was a great fight, and it brought back alot of memories of when I used to just fly around in nothing but interceptors. I think I'll be doing it more often!

How i got to where i was today.

"So who the hell is Andrea Skye?" you ask?

Well, let me tell you.

My childhood was average, I grew up on New Caldari IV, my Father was a Trader who spent alot of time away from home, my Mother was a teacher in a local nursery. We lived comfortably, but I was never really happy, everything was just so routine and dull. My Father wanted me to carry on the family business, and I didn't have the heart to tell him that I wasn't interested in the slightest.

I wanted to fly spaceships, I wanted to feel the adrenaline rush of combat, I wanted to be more than just a boring Trader.

So the moment I turned 16, i signed up for the Academy. I never told my parents, and last I heard they assumed I fell out the Airlock on my fathers Bestower. Nice huh?

While i did well in the academy, after I learned how to fly I left almost immediately. It just wasn't for me. I hated being told what to do, and not being given a reason for it. So i set about and went down the local job office.

There were many jobs there. One in particular caught my eye "Low sec Industrial Corporation seeks Mercenaries to Protect Assets"

Sounded like my kind of job! I joined the Corporation, called Pandemic Influenza, they were based out of Rorsins and this is where i learnt the true horrors of Low sec. I kept my head down and stuck on that job for many months. I made a lot of good friends there and its where i got my very first combat experiences from.

A few months in, out of the blue, the Directors of the corp announced they would have to let everyone go as they were going to join a pirate corporation. I couldn't believe my ears! They had became the exact thing they had hired me to protect them from!

They offered if i wanted to join with them. I said No as i wasn't sure about killing for profit. Tho i did really enjoy the rush of combat so I told them I would think about it. A few weeks past and I lost contact with them. Every now and again I would hear on the news about a convey being plundered on the outskirts of empire space and I wondered whether it was my old friends from Rorsins were apart of it.

"OK, stuff it!" I thought to myself after watching Star Wars Episode XVIII: Don't the Sith Ever Give up? again. I was bored of sitting in a station with nothing to do. "I'm going to become a Pirate!"

So I Searched about and joined a Corporation called "The Python Cartel" and this was to date the best corporation Ive ever been in. It lasted for nearly a year before it slowly fell apart, but it was great while it lasted. And if you read Spectre3353s blog you will know why. I wont go into details because most of our adventures are already documented on for mentioned blog !

So once again I found myself Jobless, and without a corporation to work for. Until one day I got a message from another Pirate called Htrag who I had fought with and fought against back where The Python Cartel used to be based. And on a side note, I've always found that strange with pirates. One minute your best friends, the next your worst enemies. Its like an episode of Eastenders sometimes. (only English people will understand that!)

Anyway the message contained an invite to his corporation called The Carebear Stare. I had alot of respect for those guys from my time in The Python Cartel. So I took the job (loving the new corp so far btw!) and here I am. A pirate doing what I love. Ransoming what i can, killing what doesn't pay. And I do love it when they refuse to pay!

So, that is who Andrea Skye is. And my next posts will document the more interesting moments of my eve career. Enjoy :)

First post and an introduction.

Greetings, all who may be reading. I've been wanting to start a blog about my Eve Adventures for a long time now. But I've always put it off, but yesterday i found that my favourite EvE blog of all time has... wait for it... became a World of Warcraft blog. OH THE HUMANITY!

So, This blog was inspired by a eve friend of mine (well hes doesn't play eve anymore, but as we all know, eve never lets you out... ever!). The guys name is Spectre3353, and many of you might of even read his blog too. His blog can still be read at But i warn you... hes turned to WoW and it isn't pretty!

So a little about the RL me before we start. I'm a guy, I'm 22 years old. I like EvE, paint balling, and pretty much anything that gets your heart going. In game, I'm a low sec pirate by the name of Andrea Skye. Shes a feisty one and never scared to engage when outnumbered or outgunned. In it for the thrills, not the money!

My posts will be in character (LOL RP'r!) and ill even try to throw in some humour. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as i will enjoy writing it :)