Sunday, 21 March 2010

Ms paint... like a pro!

So sometimes I make MS paint pics and their never actually meant to be any good, just slightly humorous and for a bit of fun.

So when I saw this pic, I felt it deserved its own post. I did not draw it. It was a guy from our corp who I actually hardly know. Vranz Drooshka

Anyway, you can see what my portrait is supposed to look like in the top right hand side of my blog. Here is this guys pretty awesome attempt at drawing it, using MS paint:

Just wow!

(I particularly love the censored part)

EDIT: I just allowed Anonymous comments on all posts. maybe ill get spammed, but we will see :P


  1. I think he wants to have a old fashion sexual relationship with you...
    Apart from that, really cool work on paint.

  2. Looks like a tranny. LOL

  3. L33T MS Paint skills, not so hot on reading and comprehension, maybe he should try drawing a dead goon spelling bee ...