Friday, 5 February 2010

Lost in a strange world.

"only 2 more badges for my trinket" I thought to myself. I had spent weeks saving up enough Frost emblems to have enough to buy it. One more herioc and it was mine. Finally.. it would be mine!



What? Who was Skye?


I quickly woke up. The hell? What a strange dream. I was someone called Tiffan and I was something called a Deathknight. What the balls is a deathknight?

I Got out my bunk and gathered my senses. Did someone mention a carrier in a belt?

I went down to the cockpit of my Cynabal and it all started to come back. I remember now. I was in a Python gang and we was out roaming. I must have fallen asleep while waiting out GCC. Hmm.

"So wheres this carrier again?" I asked

"According to Hellcats comms, its in Okkamon" Said Crayons.

That's only two jumps away! before I had even voiced my opinion that we should get in there and rip him a new one, Helmet had already given the order to get our asses there. Reckless... but I didn't care. If it went bad then I would be relatively safe in my Cynabal. Everyone else would die and I would just Nano away to safety.

I quickly got my self to Okkamon and was ordered to just go straight to the belt. No scouting to see what was going on? No, of course not... this was Golden Helmet in charge.. who gives a balls about Intel?

While we were in warp I noticed Helicity in the Hellcats comms channel. Bargaining a temporary truce with the guys who had the Carrier tackled. I hope to god they accepted, I was about to land and I had no idea what to expect when I did.

As I landed I quickly took note of the situation. A bunch of Guristas associates had the Carrier tackled with a bunch of BCs and cruisers. They had killed a bunch of drones and there was a wreck belonging to a Drake in the belt. They had it by the balls, but they couldn't quite break his tank.

My gang landed next to me, and I decided to play it a little cautious. Pirates were Pirates after all. The Guristas could well just shoot us and get themselves a couple of kill mails + a carrier kill and keep all the loot.

I set my orbit to 20km and activated my guns, carefully watching every TGA ship in the belt. If I got locked I was ready...

Some time passed. TGA hadn't shot any of us yet. The carrier was dipping into armor. I decided to just risk it and get in close. I set my ship to approach and loaded up my most damaging (but also worst ranged) Fusion ammo.

The damage difference was quite noticeable and a couple of minutes later the Carrier exploded and local erupted with my fellow Pythons war cries...





Ah yes. Penis.

I quickly got my ship outta range and docked up. Just in case TGA did anything funny. They hadn't shot us so far.. but like I said earlier.. they were pirates.. just like me... and they were capable of anything.. just like me.

I went back to my bunk and drifted back off to sleep.


Halls of Reflection Heroic! Woot! Maybe I'll get my Amulet! Woohoo!

(PS: What a terrible fit carrier)