Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Payback is a bitch... and so am I!

Firstly Id like to say welcome back to an old friend who has come back to Eve after recently escaping a Gallentee high security Prison camp. You can read about his escape here: This is the same guy who inspired this very blog, so welcome back Spectre3353!

Floating lazily in my Rupture, waiting for something worthwhile to kill is how I spend alot of my time in EvE.

Once again I was in Mara, and I was seeking out a Maller. I seemed to keep missing him by a few seconds. It was during one of those close encounters I saw his name on my overview. The name seemed familiar, so I did a quick check on his public records but I couldn't seem to place him.

He was part of one of the training Corps that capsuleers are thrown into when they first become pod Pilots, but I knew I had seen him somewhere before. So I checked our corporations Kills log, which records any ships we destroy or lose.

"Voila!", there he was... It appears he was part of a gang that "baited" my corp mate just the day before. Hmm..

Mallers are great bait ships, as they can withstand alot of punishment. I paused a moment from chasing him and considered my options. This guy is probably bait, so it would be wise to back off no? I didnt know what kind of gang he could be flying with either.. so its probably best to leave him be. Let some other unfortunate soul be victim to the "bait in Mara" trick...

But no.. once again I start to hear a voice in the back of my mind..

"You could kill him before his mates arrive.."

Could I?

Well, there's one way to find out I guess. So shrugging of caution, which seemed so easy to do recently, I set a course to a belt where my scanner had him pinpointed.

Sure enough, he was there. I landed right next to him and quickly began to lock him only for my computer to say:

"NOTIFY: Your attempt to target Maller failed"

A few months ago, I would of started to panic, but I kept my head and gently pressed target once more and waited. You see, I had discovered that this is a bug with some ships computers. I'm not sure what causes it, but if you continue to spam the target button after you get this kind of error. You will never be able to target as the computer just keeps restarting the targeting process. If you press it once and just wait however, even tho it doesn't appear to be targeting, eventually you will get a lock.

And a lock I got. The shield on my Rupture was at half power now, but I was armor tanked so it didn't really matter about my Shields. I opened fire and quickly evaporated his shields under a hail of machine gun fire. I knew that the Maller was also armor tanked just like I was and once I started to do damage to his armor I groaned a little... His armor was stupidly strong and I contemplated trying to escape... but my readout showed that I still had a little sheild left.

His damage was pathetic. So I forgot all thoughts of running away and continued to rain 220mm rounds upon his hull. I knew if nothing changed I would win... but something did change. Just as his armor was starting to take some real damage a Moa warped in, who I knew was with him as he was part of the corp that had killed my corp mate.

The Moa quickly locked me and I was trapped. With no hope of escape I did what I usually do when there's no hope of coming out of a fight intact.. I overloaded my guns and fought on. If I was going to get destroyed I will take one of them with me. The Maller was starting to buckle under the extra pressure, but so was my Rupture. The combined damage from both of their ships was really starting have an impact.

I kept firing, my armor holding... barely. The Maller began to take structure damage, and a few seconds later so did I. I closed my eyes and waited, I heard an explosion followed by another. My pod shot out into space and I quickly warped it out of the belt. Looking back I saw the Maller had been destroyed too, and I felt good that I had taken at least one of them with me.

I went back to passari and quickly jumped in my Vagabond. The Vagabond is my favourite ship when it comes to engaging multiple hostiles and I wanted some revenge.

So I went back to Mara ignoring the sentries that started firing at me as I got to the gate. I jumped through and warped to a safe spot, and I noticed that local had started to fill up. Checking the scanner I saw that several ships were located in the same direction.

Arbitrator, Vengeance, Manticore and two Mallers. Checking the ship names I saw that one of them was the Moa pilot from before, he must have changed ships. Without thinking I set a course right for them and I landed in the belt just as most of the gang had warped off. But there was one still here, alone and not moving. It was the same guy who had killed me in the Moa just moments before. I saw RED.

I turned on my microwarp drive and sped towards him. He was in a Maller this time and I quickly caught up to him and locked and scrambled him. I emptied my drone bay and sent my drones to attack the Maller. I Kept my distance as any good Vaga pilot does and watched as the Maller helplessly tried to close distance. He didn't have any speed mods and was covered in armor plates. He had no chance of catching me.

He was going down pretty fast and a few moments later his friends started to arrive. I overloaded my guns, and continued firing. A Vengeance landed just as the Maller was going into structure and it started to speed towards me. I toggled my MWD on as I knew I got webbed it would be all over. I was going out of range of the Maller now, but my drones continued to attack him. I saw the Maller explode in a bright orange fireball and turned my attention to the retribution. We was quite far from the Arbitrator and the other Maller now and the Retribution Pilot must have understood the situation. I saw him align and warp out just as I was about to get a lock. Cursing, I headed toward the Arbitrator who also warped out, followed closely by the Maller.

My ship slowed down and I calmed down and and savoured the feeling. I scooped the Maller loot to my cargo hold and decided to wait out my timer in a secluded part of the system. Its a great feeling when you destroy someone who had destroyed you just moments before and I recommend it to anyone. So next time you get killed and want to get revenge on someone. DONT pay mercs or some other gun for hire to do it for... do it YOURSELF! its a much better feeling when you do so, and alot more fun too!


  1. I taught you everything you know.

  2. And I taught you everything YOU know. It's good to be on top :P

    Nice write-up skye. I gotta either resub or finally snap and murder everyone. Craving eve, gaaaaah.