Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Size isnt everything? or is it?

*Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt*

"uh" I grumbled getting out my bunk. I dodged past the empty Quafe cans scattered about the floor and switched off the alarm.

Dammit I overslept again! I quickly got dressed and headed to the Office.

The place was empty, seems like I'd missed everybody. Not again, I thought. So I went down to the hangar and prepared myself for a solo outing. "OK, maybe I'll find a Battleship ratting or something" I said to myself, trying to be optimistic.

Looking at my ships, I was abit stuck for choice. But just as I was about to get into my Rapier, the Cargo door to the Hangar opened and my Hauler reversed her Mammoth in.

"Hmm, I don't remember making any orders yesterday" I thought. So I went over and waited for the Bay doors on the mammoth to open. To see what goodies might be inside. A huginn maybe? a Hurricane with trimarks? maybe even a new Cerberus... Hmm!

The door opened and I was quite disappointed. Inside was 3 Claw Interceptors.

I Called my hauler, Courtney Lester, on my comms... "Is this some kind of joke?" I asked "How am I supposed to kill a Domonix in that? Hell how am I supposed to kill anything?"

"Just following orders Ma'am, you asked for 3 Claws, I bring 3 Claws. Now give me my dam money!"

I looked at the order form, sure enough my signature was there. Dammit, I must of been drunk. I thought about not paying her, and just telling her to take them back. But haulers who work illegally for pirates are very hard to come by. I reluctantly paid Courtney the Isk and asked the hangar tech guys to unload the Claws.

After the hangar techs were finished I decided I may as well fly a Claw, I got three of them, if it gets destroyed its no biggie right? I boarded up, cursing the guy who invented alcohol and flew out of the hangar. I have to admit it felt nice being in such a fast ship for a change and I flew out of the hangar almost knocking off my right wing against a Iteron Mark II

"HEY WATCH WHERE YOUR FLYING, JACKASS!" I yelled at the Iteron pilot. I knew he couldn't hear me, but I felt better none the less.

"OK Piracy!" Checking the local comms channels around Passari, it seemed everywhere nearby was completely dead. So I set a course for Black Rise which is quite a few jumps out. I activated the auto pilot and made my way to Tama.

Tama at this point in time is a war torn system. Mostly where the Gallentee and Minimatar stand off against Caldari. Its extremely active and your almost guaranteed to find something to shoot or be shot by.

So I warped myself to spot in the middle of the system and set about scanning around. The scan was flooded by various ships, Rifters, Incursus's, Falcons, Thorax's, Griffens, and a Crow. A crow? These were a Claw pilots breakfast. I scanned around, and pinpointed him to a belt alone.

Without thinking I set a course there and landed in the belt a few moments later to see the Crow pilot about 70km off. I Activated the Microwarp drive and sped towards him. Only to see him warp off to a gate. As he did so an Incursus landed in the belt only 20km off. Just as I was about to turn around and tackle the poor frig, a Rifter and a Griffin land, followed closely by a Falcon and a couple of Thorax's. I Knew this was the perfect moment to make my exit but first I would have to make some distance between them, as if I stop to align I might get warp scrambled. So I activated my Microwarp once more and sped away from the Gang of pilots which was growing bigger by the second. "All that for a Claw?" I thought.

After i got enough distance i warped to the Kedama gate, and quickly jumped through. Hoping that the gang that just tried to blow up my precious Claw didn't follow. I warped to the center of the system and scanned around. There was one ship on scan and it was a Rifter. I scanned it down and it seemed to be at a control Post.

Now a interceptors worst nightmare is a ship with Stasis webs, and a good Rifter never leaves home without one. And if I lost my T2 frigate to a T1 frigate, I'd never live it down, my corp mates would probably laugh at me for weeks.

But, I was hungry, I hadn't shot anything all night and maybe the Rifter was just a new pilot exploring and it would be a easy kill. Listening to the Demon on my shoulder I warped to the control post and landed right next to the Rifter.

"Great!" I thought. I locked and Warp scrammbled him and to my surprise he locked me back. I felt my ship shudder as my ship begin to slow down and my Microwarp drive deactivate. I had been Webbed and Scrammed and had no chance of escape. "Not great" I thought.

I did the only thing I could do and activated my 200mm's and the Rifter responded by shooting me back with his very own autocannons. I overloaded my guns for abit of extra beef and watched as my armor started to be smashed apart by the Rifter. But his armor was going down almost as fast as mine was. "I cant lose!" I said to myself.

We both hit structure as pretty much the same time, and from there I knew I had won. The claw has more structure than the Rifter and I had a Damage Control II, which my opponent had decided not to fit. A few seconds later the Rifter exploded and I watched as the other guys pod warped out to safety.

We exchanged "Gf's" and I meant it. It was a really good fight and I nearly got more than I bargained for.

I looted the guys wreck, which was pretty good loot for a Rifter and set a course back home to Passari. The journey home was quite uneventful, and I docked up a few minutes later and made my way back to my room.

What a Boring night. I sat down on my bunk and looked on the bright side. I had come back intact and had even got a kill. Even tho it was just a measly Rifter it was a great fight, and it brought back alot of memories of when I used to just fly around in nothing but interceptors. I think I'll be doing it more often!


  1. Claw. Ewww. Train Amarr already and get a damn Crusader :P

  2. Crusaders suck ass. Taranis for life.