Monday, 2 March 2009

You gota lose it eventually...

You gota lose it eventually...

This is a saying familiar to most pod pilots. Especially pirates. You see when we buy a new ship, we know that someday, its going to go down in a ball of fire. No matter how careful you are, one day that shiny new Hurricane is going to be nothing but an insurance payout.

Today I proved it, and it all started like any other day. I was sitting in my bunk, watching some rubbish on the Holovision. Why is there never anything good on?

I switched off the Holovison, and the comms panel in my room started to flash. A voice crackled through the speaker, which I recognised as Grumbler1, from the Bamboule corporation. We got on well with those guys, so i listened.

"Charon tackled on Litura gate, send assistance if possible" There was a click and the comms panel went silent.

A Charon? Killing something that big and expensive is a pleasure that comes few and far between. I quickly threw on my jacket and ran down to the hangar bay as quickly as i could. Knocking over several people in the process.

When I arrived I took a moment to decide on a ship. Tempest or Hurricane?

Tempest has more damage, hurricane has... Right! I ran up the ramp and into my Tempest, lovingly named -Bad Karma-. I ordered the Hangar tecs to swap my cap Injector for another Stasis Web, as Keeping the Charon webbed would be important. I hurried the docking manager for permission to undock and was soon out in space.

Litura was it? I'm pretty sure it was. I set a course for the Litura gate, which was a few AU away.

I landed a few moments later, to see Grumbler also in a Tempest blowing large holes into the hull of a Charon. I wondered if i would be able to get a lock in time..

I did, barely, I fired two rounds of my Duel 650mm before the Charon exploded a pretty blue flash. I sat there a second, happy to have killed such an expensive ship, when I saw Grumbler aligning without even checking the wreck. Wheres he going? I wondered

"GET OF THE GATE NOW!" " GET OFF IT!" Grumbler yelled over the comms.

What? I only just got here. There was nothing aro...

The gate fired and a Huginn decloaked 30km off. Immediately I saw what was happening and I frantically tried to warp. Aligning in a battleship takes forever, and just as I was about to enter warp, the Huginn manages to Warp scramble me. I sighed, and locked the Huginn. I opened fire and watched as 6 heavy rounds of EMP shattered against his shield.

That was the only shot I'd fire, because a few moments later a Falcon decloaked and started to jam my targeting systems. I hate those dam things. I lost my lock on the Huginn and realised what was about to happen. I was Webbed, Scrambled, Jammed, and taking fire. I was screwed.

A vagabond jumped in, followed by a Thorax, and then another Tempest. I sat there helpless, being jammed, unable to fight back. This is why I hate Falcons. I don't mind losing a ship, but losing a ship and not being able to fight back has got to be the worse feeling in the universe.

My ship exploded a few moments later and I warped my pod out to safety.

I had helped kill a Charon which was alot more expensive than a Tempest but I couldn't help feeling angry at losing my Tempest in such a lame way. As I docked my pod in the station I promised myself i wouldn't ask questions again. If I was told to get out, Id get without question or hesitation next time.

I went back to my bunk reminding myself that "I had to lose it eventually...". Just a shame it had to be today.


  1. Nice kill. Too bad about the tempest. :(

    Do you have the kill-mail posted somewhere? I would love to see what it was carrying.

  2. He was just carrying a skiff, i think imguna start linking the kills from now on :P

  3. i agree skye, it can be argued falcons are overpowered or not. but the simple fact is they destroy fun in the game. I have to wonder at the self respect these falcon pilots must have sometimes.

  4. I have yet to fight a Falcon...from what I gather though, they are angels if they are fighting WITH you, overpowered devils if they are against.