Friday, 21 May 2010

Post EvE related!

Epic fights!

"Domi in a belt Skye, wanna kill it?"

It was Twicedasize. I had just logged on the change a skill... but Domi in belt!?

Why not? I thought to myself.

I quickly changed to my Rapier and fleeted up with Twice and proceeded to scan around the system to try locate exactly where this Domi was. We scanned him out a few times, but to our dismay he always managed to warp out just as we were about to land. It was always a seemingly random belt too, so we could predict where he was going to go either.

We was about to give up, but then Twice noticed a few other ships on scan. An Onyx, Broadsword and a Rook. They were in the same corp as the Domi pilot and usualy in this situation we would of just left it at that and docked up. But a new guy to our corp WNKyle wanted to join us.

He wanted to help kill the gang that was in local. He was in a Nano Harbinger and Twice was in a Nano Ishtar. So the plan was made. I would tackle them with my Rapier whilst staying outta of neut range, then Twice and Kyle would smash then with drones and scorch.

The gang appeared to have stopped moving and now were just sitting in a lone belt in system. So off we all warped and the fight began. For some reason, the Rook cloaked at the start of the fight about 70km away and remained cloaked for a good while.

We nanod around trying to split them up but they were sticking together. They would never stray to far away from each other and the heavy missiles from the onyx and the Sentry drones from the Domi were really starting to hurt my Rapier. Eventually I had to warp out at 10% armor (not good in a Rapier that has only 600 structure HP or so, and shield tanked :D ). Kyle and Twice were still sticking around tho, so I decided to go switch ship and get something that can point from really long range.

I switched to my super secret Nano Arazu and warped back to the belt. With this fit I could go nearly 2k m/s and point from 60km. Seemed like the perfect ship for the job. The only problem: No damps!

As I landed, Kyle had to bail also. The Drones and heavy missiles were starting to get the better of him so off he went leaving just me and Twice in the belt. I uncloaked and pointed the Onyx. He was closest to Twice but still 50km from me. The only problem was now, is that the Onyx had a MWD. We had no webs and Twice's sentries couldn't track it. So Twice had to use medium drones which the Onyx easily tanked.

Soon they again switched primary to me, Kyle had landed back in the belt after regenerating some shield but again, the drones and Heavy missiles were really starting to hurt. I tried to get a bit more distance from the Onyx but his range appeared endless. At one point I was 110km from it and the missiles were STILL hitting me. I eventually had to bail nearly in structure again...

I had had enough of dicking around. I had had enough of being squatted with drones and missiles so I again decided to switch ship .Twice and Kyle kept them busy and I docked up and fetched my triple rep Myrmidon with boosters to boot.

I warped to Twice and this time it was Twice who had to bail due to low armor. Twice followed my example and went to fetch his own Myrmidon. I landed right next to the Broadsword. The Domi was a good 60km off, and the Onyx was about 30km away. The Rook was still cloaked somewhere in the belt for some reason or another so I decided to get a point on the Broadsword as it was closest.

I burned towards it and got a point and a web. Twice announced he was undocking as I launched my drones and set them on the Broadsword. Like all HICs, his tank were pretty good, and my drones and ACs were barely doing enough damage to break his tank. They couldn't break my tank either tho, and I was good aslong as my cap boosters lasted.

Twice and Kyle landed again and soon the Broadsword started to drop. The Domi warped out to warp back to his friend in an effort to try get closer to us to use his neuts... which would be really bad for me being in an active tank ship. So I screamed for Twice and Kyle to "OVERLOAD YOUR SHIT!" The extra damage helped to get past the Broadswords passive Regen.

As it was about to bleed into armor the rook uncloaked and warped to his friends from 150km away. I found myself jammed and unable to keep a point. Twice also announced his was jammed and I groaned to myself.

Fucking ECM.

But it was to late for him. The drones wern't jammed. They continued to do damage and with the help of Kyle the Broadsword exploded. We were about to turn our attention to the Onyx when the Dominix landed again. He turned his attention to me and noticed my cap starting to get sucked away.

"Dominix is Primary!" I cried.

I had one cap booster left and was being neuted to hell. My armor was dropping and I figured it was all over for me. I overloaded my guns in an effort to break them, but as I did I noticed the Dominix was actually double rep fit. He was neuting, Scrammed/webbing and Repping all at the same time. His cap wouldn't last long if he carried on like that. knowing this, I aligned myself to an asteroid on the other side of the belt and started to spam the warp button.

Then, for reasons I'm still not sure the Rook and the Onyx warped out and ran away...

Out of cap charges, into structure I went, followed by the Domi who was also about to go into structure. If it carried on like it was I'd die first, the Domi has alot more structure than I did... But I wishfully kept spamming the warp button in the hope that the Dominix ran outta cap and lost his point.

Warp warp warp!

I hit about 40% structure and my ship lost a lock on the Dominix. For a second I thought I'd died and went to open my char sheet to check the loss mail. But I realised I wasn't dead. I was in warp. the Domi had lost point and I was free! I couldn't believe it. I sat there for a few sec stuck amongst the roids and watched as the Domi blew up in the distance. Awesome! Nothing like ending a fight on fire, with no cap charges left and your guns burnt out :D

The whole fight lasted about 20 minutes and kodos to "No Code of Conduct" for bringing the fight in the first place.

Apoctasy says: OMW

After that epic fight of awesomeness we decided to get a gang together and go roam around our new area. The gang consisted of ME (Gila), IEATCRAYONS (Fleet Stabber and yes, he really eats crayons), Wohenmang (Dramiel) and 00sage00 (Scimatar).The whole area was pretty dead and one hour in we had only killed a lonely Hoarder moving around some junk. After that we were joined by Sean Dillon (Scimatar) and Jaxxon Voers (Huginn)

We were about to turn back when Crayons told us there were 6-7 battleships, including a Armageddon Navy Issue, in the system ahead apparently shooting a POS. After a quick talk we decided we would go play with the battleships but we would keep range just in case they had a bunch of neuts.

As we was about to send Wohen in to get a point. Apoctasy logs on.

"Sup" he goes

"Bout to get into a fight actually"

"wait for meeeee! I gotta falcon!"

He was 13 jumps away. But a falcon would be very handy in this situation. The enemy gang had a bunch of geddens with a Navy Gedden and all of them packing scorch would be very nasty to us, all being in nano ships. If Apoc could come and fit a bunch of Amarr jammers.... maybe we could gank a couple of BS's without actualy losing any ships...

So we decided to wait for him. We called Crayons back from scouting as we didn't wanna scare them away.

We spent the next 15 minutes it took Apoctasy to reach us formulating the perfect plan to kill these guys. We had planned to send Wohen in first, tackle the navy gedden, then send in Apoc to jam whatever he could. Then we would warp the rest of the gang in and slowly pick them off one by one.

The plan we good, and when Apoc arrived we all got on the gate to the system they was in. In went Wohen and to our dismay...

... they had left local.

God dammit Apoc.

Because Jaxx told me too.

My blog doesn't get "that" many readers, and most of the readers are already in my corp. So this bit seems rather pointless. But because Jaxx told me too here it is:


Everything you need to know is in the link! Forums > Applications and follow the stickies if you want to apply!


  1. Lost point on you when my cap ran out and the cap booster was reloading. Nice fight indeed!

  2. Thats a well written battle report. Likey.

  3. good fight, and apoc sucks :).


  4. Great write up there Andrea, really nice kills!

  5. Best challenge we've had in a long time, thanks to y'all for a good fight.

    Looking forward to a redeux some day.


  6. i love you skye