Friday, 28 May 2010

Nice tower... we'll take it!

It was a pretty normal night. We were camping our gate in our system and in all honesty it was pretty dead. There was hardly any traffic and we spent most of the time mocking Twicedasize's HIC skills... or lack of them. (Love you still Twice). When Apoctasy noticed the corp mute, Inka.. typing messages in one of our Intel channels.

I glanced down at my screen to read it:

"...Tower un anchoring... Dread Gurista large... estimated cost... 1.5 billion!... unattended!..."

Huh what, their must be some mistake. Our gangs interested shift from taking the piss outta Twice to the 1.5 billion chunk of space trash that appeared to be only 3 jumps away.

We quickly, abandoned the gate camp and began to make our way to Jeni. I was in a Tempest with a GCC and going unscouted. I was in a gate camp fit too, no MWD or prop mod.. if I got caught on the gate I was toast, slightly risky... but in this situation, definitely worth the risk.

We arrived in the system expecting to see the owners of the tower there ready to defend their 1.5 billion isk asset... only to find a lone Bustard Transport ship on scan, and nobody else in local. OK...

My alt in a Prowler transport jumped in and made her way to the tower. As she landed, it un anchored and I scooped it. No problems...

That was Easy!

Maybe abit to easy.

We all decided to get out of the system asap and quickly made our way back to Ami. My alt following closely behind the gang. We thought our luck couldn't get any better... We had just lifted a tower worth 1.5 billion with little to no hassle. Split 5 ways we would make about 300 million each. Not bad for 5 minutes work.

But our luck did get better.

On the way back to Ami we came across a lone uncloaked Proteus jumping the opposite way to us. As it jumped through the gate Inka got a point and needless to say... it died horribly. We scooped the loot and eventually made it back to Ami intact. We later sold the Tower for what it was worth and added a nice little layer to each of our wallets.

Thats what I love about EvE. One minute your sitting on a gate, passing the time, hoping for a juicy Frieghter or Navy Megathron to jump through, whilst getting bored out your wits and the next your hitting the Jackpot and killing T3 ships :D

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