Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A confession.

So I'm still on my EvE "break". I do still log on sometimes but I've been doing something I said I wouldn't.

I've been playing WoW.

The worst thing is, I'm actually enjoying it, and I've started to level up one of my old characters again and I have every intention of getting 80 and gearing it and then doing arena for serious.

Which wont leave much time for EvE.

The good news is, I have about 20 days left on my Carrier training. All relevant skills will be at 4 so I will be very useful in both logistics and fleet engagements in our corp.

When my Carrier training finishes I'm going to train something fun like Crusaders and light laser IIs. I definitely wont be able to resist playing then :D

Yes, I got his stuff

A good EvE friend of mine who you probably all know recently "quit" EvE. His name is Spectre3353 and this has to be like the 10th time he has quit. This time he insists its "FO' REALS this time" and has even given most of his stuff away. I woke up the other day to find a freighter and a Navy Megathron in my hangar and an offer to give me all his cash... except.... his game time ran out so he couldn't give it to me. He also mentioned giving his character away.

Well. I know Spectre. He will be back. Nobody gets outta EvE alive. So I'm going to keep a hold of his stuffs and give it him back when he inevitably returns.


  1. Thanks for being a good and trustworthy friend.

    I know Spec will be back too. I give it at most Christmas.

  2. I'll be the first one to say that if the current limitations that prevent me from playing are resolved that I would probably play Eve again. That being said, the chances of those issues magically fixing themselves are pretty much nil. Enjoy my stuff.


    Should start a "Get Spectre Better Fund"