Sunday, 4 April 2010

Break Times!

Past few weeks I've grown increasingly frustrated with EvE. I like to solo PvP, and in EvE atm, its not exactly the best thing to be doing.

Everything you attack is bait, you basically have to assume your going to be fighting more than one target. Which not only cuts your target selection down considerably, it also means you die a lot. I previously made a post where I mentioned about nano-ing. Well, even that's getting difficult to do now, as people seem to be flying with anti nano ships alot more than before (Rapiers, Curses, Sniper ships and scrambling frigs that don't lose point even if you neut them for a hour)

Then there is the corp activity. Python always seems to go through hot and cold phases, and at the minute it seems were going through a cold phase. A lot of what makes EvE fun is the people you play with, so its one of the main reasons I've decided to take a "semi-break".

I thought about leaving Python and joining a corp where stuff is always happening... but I quickly realised that Python is really the only corp I want to play with. There is no other corp like it, and the people we have gathered pretty much all share the same sick sense of humour and laid back attitude.

There is also the fact I'd have to "start all over" get to know everybody again, and earn every bodies trust.

Hopefully when I get back to my 23/7 playtime schedule again, Python will be in a HOT phase AND my carrier training will be finished/near finished. So I can start skilling up for new fun ships (Like a Crusader.. or a Succubus, I always wanted one of those.. I just need light lasers and Amarr Frig 5!) :D

So by "Semi-break" I mean I'm going to cut my playtime drastically. I will still be playing, but nowhere near as much. I will probably just log on for pre-arranged ops and when I have nothing else to do.

And for the record... I wont be playing WoW!


  1. Enjoy your break. If it helps, about every corp out there is going through a cold phase right now, it's typical for this time of the year. Seems to be hitting some (like us) extra hard this year though.

  2. Well it seems our move is underway which will finally give me a reason to play, as you know I like to roam solo/small gang.

    Sometimes I've had the same feelings about looking for greener pastures but nothing will ever beat python, even in a cold state.