Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Im just a peaceful miner..

No I really am.


I spent the majority of the last two days flying around in an Osprey. And it is quickly becoming my most favourite ship of all time. But, its not because I like sitting in belts and sucking huge rocks, and its not because I like fitting shield transporters to it and keeping all my friends alive. ..

Its because I like the way people under estimate it in their interceptors, frigs and AF's and wonder "WTF? WTF just happened?" when they see their overpriced, shiny new frigate explode before their eyes.

Lo and behold... The Doomsprey (shamelessly nicked from some guy who hangs about in one of our local comms channels )

3x Light Nuetron IIs
1x Small Nuet

10m AB
scram II
Web II
Sensor booster II

1600mm Rolled tungsten
Damage Control II

Drones to taste, but I go with 4 warrior IIs.

It can handle any AF/frig and yesterday I even managed to gank a Brutix in it. Which has to be one of the greatest moments in my EvE career so far. Sure he was young and barely had a clue, but the mail from Concord sure looks good. I bet the guy handling them must of thought there was some mistake before he posted it.

Anyway, give it a try, you will be surprised how much action it gets, sit in a belt and it wont be long before a cocky guy in an Incursus or a Tanaris comes along thinking hes gotta free kill.


  1. That Brutix fit is stellar.

  2. I was wondering what an... EANM II ...is?

    Thanks in advance,


  3. EANM = Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane. A module that gives a bonus to all four resist types to armor. It is a passive mod that does not need to be turned on and requires no cap (unlike hardeners or invuln fields which also give armor/shield resists but require activation and use your cap to run).

  4. Nice one! It is true, an Osprey is usually considered a free kill. Truly a sneaky plan.

  5. Ahahaa.. thought ye did an Aprils fools like spec!
    Armor tanked ´sprey.. genious!

    But very sneaky!
    I think I heard of a "tacklesprey" set up to bait can-flippers and hold them until help arrives..

    Cannot fly Caldari, but maybe I´ll make a fit for the Celestis, wich is also considered a free kill.

  6. That is truly a work of genius! I'm guilty of assuming an Osprey will be a rubber stamped kill too...now maybe I'll think twice about. :)