Monday, 23 March 2009

Fraction Battleships!!!11

In low sec its pretty rare to see a faction battleship on scan. And you can imagine our surprise and joy today to see no less than THREE of them on scan, and to kill them afterwards.

It all started when we heard a report over on of the local Intel channels about a Caldari Navy Raven on scan in Aurohunen. Relaying the information to one of my friends, Golden Helmet, he decided to go check it out in his Helios. I told him I would go fit up my Vagabond for mission busting on the off chance he managed to probe him out.

Arriving in Aurohunen, Golden Helmet was busy probing away, and we had been joined by Apoctasy in his Pilgrim. A few moments later GH told us he had a hit and he was warping to it. I aligned my ship in his direction waited for the call...

"Warp to me, hes 20k off.... I got a point!" Gh called down the comms.

Me and Apoc walked in and landed about 20km off, we both got points and GH activated his ship scanner revealing he was decked in faction modules.

"Great, payday" I thought

"Err, wait a minute..." Said GH, interrupting my train of thought "Hes got THREE warp stabs"

God dammit. A few seconds later the raven warped out. Apoc had been unable to get his extra 2 points on him and it seems we had been robbed... we sat there a moment, wondering what to do next.

"Two Navy Megas and a Raven on scan" said GH, filling us all with hope once more.

As he went to probe them out to our surprise the Navy Raven warped back into his mission and began to lock me. He had come back to kill us?? I wondered a moment what was going on. Maybe it was a trap? Maybe he had backup on they way?

I saw Apoc began to scramble him and figured I might as well do the same, Apoc had 3 points on him now and I activated my own point a few moments later. GH warped in after hearing the good news and we proceeded to blow up his ship without much trouble, and we were several million isk richer.

Checking scanner we saw that the other two navy Mega's were on scan, along with the Raven. With our current firepower I doubt we could of took them if they were fitted properly so we asked around our local Intel channels for backup. Our friends The Guristas Assoicates responded and told us they had sizable gang only a few jumps away. Gh continued to probe and a few moments later, to our surprise he told us they appeared to be at a belt?

We cant be that lucky can we?

Gh warped to belt and informed us they were actauly there at 0km RATTING. Guristas Associates responded by jumping their 17 man gang into Auro and warping directly to the belt, me and Apoc followed suit and all landed at the belt spreading out points evenly among them. Jammed by the Guristas super blob and taking huge chucks of their shield and armor, they quickly evaporated leaving nothing but smoking wrecks ready to be looted.

During the fight another pirate gang seemed to have the same idea as we did but they didn't expect a 20 man gang to be in the belt and we managed to bag a Myrmidon of theirs too.

All in all, a pretty good outing wouldn't ya say?

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