Thursday, 7 May 2009

One rule to pod them all!

Now when it comes to podding. I don't hesitate, honestly, its the squish that does it for me. There is nothing quite like it. And I know some of you will say that I'm just a homicidal maniac (and your right, I am), but usually the person I pod generally deserves it.

My corp members are all united on this philosophy. Podding someone is like a perk of the job. Today however, after an extra long, and mostly uneventful roam to Old Man Star, our points of view clashed on this.

We arrived in Old Man Star and were disappointed to see that there was absolutely nothing to kill. The whole roam had been relatively boring and all we killed was some idiot in a drake, and then we killed his totally unfitted cormorant afterwards. ANYWAY! Old Man Star. After arriving and seeing that there was nothing to plunder. We decided to head towards Hevrice where a notorious pirate corporation hangs out, called The Tuskers.

So off to Hevrice we headed and when we arrived once again we were disappointed to see that there was nothing in scan in the entire system. Disappointment soon turned to joy however when just as we were about to leave a Tusker Vexor appeared on scan towards the station. Eagerly turning my Belicose (my new favourite ship BTW, but more about that later) I landed on the station and started firing my missiles at it. Little did the Vexor know my gang were waiting next door. And I almost cheered when I saw the vexor agress and the CEO of the Tuskers, Ka Jolo, undock in a Myrmidon. Signalling my corp mates to jump in I kept myself out of web range and dodging Ogre II drones, while the whole time trying to keep a point on the Myrmidon.

The two Tusker pilots must have saw the local channel raise, and they both immediately deaggressed. By the time my gang had landed the Vexor was well into cancelling his aggression timer and a few seconds later he docked. The Myrm who was out of dock range had also managed to warp out. Nothing seemed to be going right today.

We sat on the station a while and contemplated what to do. The Myrm was still out there somewhere but we assumed he was a safe. We were all scanning away trying to pinpoint him regardless tho:

"Hes at the moon"

"No, hes at the other station"

"No hes at the SS"

"No, hes 3k off me!!"

Who said that? 3k? I heard someone call on comms that they had managed to slighly bump him out of dock range and that they had him webbed and scrammed. I aligned immediatly and warped to my corp mate and my other corp mates landed soon after. We quickly melted his Myrmidon and we quickly got a point on his 100million-isk-of-a-bounty-pod.

"Awesome" I thought "not only do we get a squish we also guna get some iskies for it. I pressed my finger against the trigger only to quickly take it off again when Spectre3353 screamed down the comms:


Silence filled the comms for a Moment, but it didnt last long.

"We cant pod Ka jolo, hes my hero" he said quietly

"You cant, but we can" I laughed. Everyone agreed except Spectre3353.

"NO STOP!!! YOU ASSHOLES!" he screamed again.

So here is the situation. Pod some guy you don't even know, and get a fat 100million isk stuck in your wallet and also risk getting kicked out of the corp... or listen to our bleeding heart carebear of a CEO and respect his wishes.

While contempleting this, I watched with horror and Ka jolo managed to creep his pod over to the station and dock.

Comms erupted with disbelief.





The argument lasted several minutes but in the end we all saw the funny side of it. Spectre would never live this down. From now on whenever something bad happened we would have some ammo to throw in his face. We even got him to change his corp title to something more suitable as we felt he deserved a scar on his record for letting some guy live, when he had a 100 MILLION ISK BOUNTY for no other reason than that he reads his blog sometimes.

What would you have done? would you have podded him? right now I'm wishing I didn't respect Spectres wishes and just pulled the trigger, I know next time I definitely will!

The reason I gave up posting for a while was mostly because I havent had the time. Also I rejoined the newly formed Python Cartel and spent alot of time settling in. But I should be back to posting now, so enjoy :)


  1. You could always have clicked the gun on and gone "OOOPS"

    "Sorry boss."

  2. Yeah, lag is a bitch sometimes. ;) 'I swear I clicked my guns off in time'


  3. Since you do respect to the CEO... he gets one mulligan?



    And on a related note, yes, Spec let his man-love for KJ overwhelm his pirating instincts.