Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Great Python Named and Shamed: Vol 1

Hear' ye! Hear' ye!

Attention to all ye' who shalt hear! there hast been a great failure within the ranks of the MIGHTY band of ragtags known to all as the Python Cartel.

It has been decreed that all shalt hear of this failure.

T'was just last night that a Pirate known as Gallabella lost his mighty Ishtar class Assault Cruiser in the line of duty! But oh' the Horror! The Ishtar was fitted with a dishonourable warp stab.

Let it be known that Gallabella shalt not go unpunished! Tis' a crime that deserves justice! and justice shalt be served! In addition to being demoted to deck scrubbing duty, for no less than two months, Gallabella shalt also be receiving many years of hearing the phase "LOL REMEMBER THAT TIME YOU FIT WARP STABS ON YOUR ISHTAR!"

A suitable punishment indeed! May this serve as a warning to all who would fit warp stabs on thier vessels. There can be no greater dishonour!


  1. Warp stabs... admitting defeat before undocking. Tsk tsk

  2. stabs = epic locking time.... Get with the times Skye, Learn2stab

  3. It's like having a ninja sword but putting styrofoam on the cutting edge.