Saturday, 11 September 2010

How to lose a two billion isk fleet?


Make me FC and this happens! BEHOLD!

It started off a nice little armor hac gang. It would of been abit bigger if the people who signed up for the op actualy showed up. But this is Python afterall.

We ended up rolling around FW land, trying to goad people into a fight. They wouldnt fight us 1-1, not even 2-1 with bigger ships, instead, they fight us 3-1 with Carriers and ECM.

We even had our scout see the massive gang massing on the gate nearby, and we saw they had a Carrier and several battleship in system... but I told everyone to stick around anyway. Tonight we was guna get a fight. Win or Lose.

So 40 minutes of waiting for the chumps to get thier shit together.... the fight started! It started pretty well too, we dropped the Scorpion and a Myrmidon pretty fast. But in came the ECM and in came the Carrier. With our two gaurdians perma jammed we didnt last very long.

After talking to one of the guys afterwards, apparently they didnt mean to blob us, it was just a coincidence.

Gallabella > faction warfare accidently blobbing?

Of course. Faction war never blob on purpose. Where is the fun in that?

Best part was the comments after:

Knutsov > thats why you fly with ecm
Knutsov > cause eveyone else is using it

Helicity Boson > way to give them nice kills

Knutsov > well blame the time
Knutsov > we waited too long tbh

Helicity Boson > tbh i think its fucking retarded to engage suicidally on purpose
Helicity Boson > but hey

Lachesis VII > just seems like we could have been more productive
Lachesis VII > thats all

Kazaji > But skye, even i have to say, that was a bit silly
Kazaji > when we saw local go up by 30

Not everyone was a whiney bitch tho.

Golden Helmet > for HONOR

Jeros Hun > python are spartans
Jeros Hun > they fight to the last man

Angel Petroni > good fight guys.
Golden Helmet > gf
Angel Petroni > Very commendable. You should join the caldari militia and teach them to grow a spine. :D

Sir Juggalo > meh
Sir Juggalo > tbh losing ships is a part of the game if u dont wanna lose it dont leave station

But it was fun. You cant win them all. I just wish more people valued the fun of a fight MORE than the stats on their killboard and the isk in their wallet.


  1. Wow.

    Props to you for FC'ing that gang. I find it funny that Knutsov was whingeing and he brought the cheapest ship. LOL

    The gallente militia are really strong at the moment. They often whinge about not having targets, and that the Caldari run away from them all the time etc... But then you look at that KM and you wonder why they can't see that they are just massive blobbers :(

  2. Don't feel so bad. Gallente blob is just waiting for something that will let them engulf it.

  3. Typical Faction warfare; All blob, no balls, and no skill.

  4. Sure it turned out badly this time - but think of the buckets of glory you'd have walked off with if you'd won.

    If you can't win a fight against impossible odds if you never fight against impossible odds.

  5. Exactly Mord. And fights like that are the best ones avialable. It doesnt get better than winning outnumbered 2-1

    And tbh, if our gaurdians wernt so perma jammed (they had fitted almost completely Amarr jammers, and nearly all of them had ECM drones) i think we would of done ALOT better, as at the start, the gaurdians wernt jammed and we were tanking thier damage pretty well.

  6. As a member of Gallente FW- and being present for this engagement I have some clarification for you:

    It was TWO blobs that came after you. One was the Carrier-supported-waiting-at-the-gate-blob.

    The other was a 0.0 roaming blob that had tangled with a cry havoc gate camp. Who were being attacked by some Goonwaffe/Greater Goon types. The Goons were leaving the field as we landed on both fleets. There was a drag bubble up at 80 so CH warped off too. They came back- the Goons left system- CH was fit for sniping so were happy to sit in their bubble, we jumped through the gate.

    We were ignoring FW intel channels and finding you guys in system set up as you were...juicy target?

  7. @anon

    Gallabella > faction warfare accidently blobbing?

    We waited in that system for about 40 mins, with about 30 people in local, which was more than enough to take us on 2-1.

    soon as they got 45 guys, they are up for it?

    Sure we was a juicy target, but that doesnt change the fact 99% of the denizens of faction war have tiny nads.

  8. It genuinely was two fleets that came at you.
    The guys who kept you waiting...and the 0.0 roaming fleet on its way home from Syndicate.

    The 0.0 roamers(+/- 15 members?) had 5 minutes to get in position and aren't responsible for the make-you-wait-40-minutes faggotry you experienced.