Saturday, 31 July 2010

I'm a whiney bitch and I'm taking a break.

Yesterday I undocked in my Sentinel. The past few days I've been able to fly it properly (EWAR frig 4 recently finished) and I've been extremely eager to try it out. I've seen alot of people fly it really well. Be it by taking out larger ships, larger gangs, or just being able to screw over an enemy gang with Tracking Disruptor's and Nuets.

I've also seen people fly it badly. Hi Inertial. Hi Blammo.

Anywho, as I said, I've been wanting to test this ship out the past few days. I've spent my time roaming 30-50 jumps through the most busiest systems in EvE only to find one thing.


Nobody wants a fair fight. Hell nobody wants a slightly uneven fight. I saw a Crusader, Retribution and a Dramiel RUN from my Sentinel today, and the day before that I saw a COMMAND SHIP run from it. Not just any command ship either, it was a bloody Nighthawk.

The only person I've managed to kill was some guy in a Hurricane ratting in a belt. And while the Sentinel did perform admirably I just want a proper fight (He had killed most of my drones with his double webs, and I had forgot to load tracking scripts... so I had to call in backup). A fight like you always used to get in the old days if you roamed enough. One where its just two guys, looking for abit of fun and not just a killmail... anyone else remember that?

Nowadays, low sec is full of Faction war. High security status PvP'ers who never leave the safety of the sentry guns, and people who just hunt for Killmails by sticking 50 T2 cruisers on a guy in a Rupture.

I've always liked soling, I find it relaxing and kinda fun. But I think its time we called it. In low sec... Soloing is dead.

Then there is the news (.pdf file) that Low sec will not be getting looked at for at least 18 months and that CCP will be spending all our cash on Dust and Incarna. Which nobody really wants anyway.

Well, maybe Incarna. Walking around in stations will be pretty cool I guess. But there is alot more pressing issues that need fixing first.

Fix the game we pay for CCP, not some turd thats probably going to fail anyway.

So this is me signing out for a break. Again. I will still be playing EvE, but not as much as normal, which means my blog post will dwindle abit, and my PvP video will be... delayed. But I have got a little footage! So its definitely going to be out someday!



  1. What is this??? Is all of the Pythons having a rage-quitting holiday or something? I haven't seen many of you guys in ages.
    1. You're trying to solo in a Sentinel. People know what sentinels do, no-one in their right mind wants to fight them.
    2. Soloing is not dead in low sec, just get online in the quieter times, be patient, and don't fly bloody sentinels.
    3. HTFU? No, seriously, try something different in EVE. Fly new ships, roam with new people, take a holiday to 0.0 or something.

  2. In my experience the easiest way to get "fair" solo fights is in a rifter. As an added benefit when you get blobbed you've only lost a few mil in mods.

    Why don't you drop by Hevrice sometime Skye?

  3. @laedy It isnt just the sentinal. As I've said its only been a few days since I could fly it. Python has been organising gangs all around FW land nearby and nobody will fight us anymore unless they outnumber us significantly. Some might say its cause we suck at catching targets... but if you catch someone its more of a gank, not a fight. I like fights where the other guy actualy shoots back and thinks hes got a chance of killing you.

    @Bour Hevrice is a long way away, but maybe I'll head down there sometime. I did enjoy the OMS area when we lived there :D

  4. i miss u :(


  5. Can I havez your stuffz?

  6. Take some time off and come back to us later! Where do you guys fly around at? I'm a new reader and pretty new to pvp, but I don't mind losing ships to learn.

    Also, the Sentinel isn't that scary. I almost killed one the other day in an Incursus. Bugger neuted my point out and ran away though =/. I'd love to try and take on a competent one.

  7. To be fair the retribution has 1 mid and cap using weapons, sader 2 mids and cap weapons, attacking a sentinal in them is suicide if its vaguely competant.
    Dramiels...well only a minority of dramiels are anygood, yeah it should have a gf with a sentinal, but I suspect you ran into the type of dram pilot thats petrified of EVERYTHING unless they have 8 falcons and bc support enroute.
    Solo isn't dead in lowsec your just having some bad days we all get them. Chill out have a nice cup of tea and a biscuit, and come back later :)

  8. I feel the same. I don't even remember the last time I got a kill. All I do now is corp administrative stuff cause I can't be arsed to play the game.

    Anyway when we get back into the thick of things we should do come butt-buddy roams.

    Much love.

  9. Yea the game is pretty shitty atm.. Needs some content. Not to mention I see on the eve-o homepage they are fucking the game even more. Removing deep safes. I was going to log in and see how much time I had left and get a GTC on the forums.
    When I saw that, I just said fuck it, I'll just let the account expire. This game is going downhill.