Monday, 14 June 2010

Fleet Commander Andrea Skye.

When I first joined The Python Cartel. I pretty much accepted the fact I'd never FC a gang. I always used to let Golden Helmet or Inertial do it. They would lead us all to death and glory in our T1 frigs and we would return home in our pods quite happy.

Recently tho, most of our regular FC's have became slightly inactive. This is a problem in any corp, as most decent gangs need an FC to keep everyone organised during fights/roams.

So, the past few weeks, I have been kinda pushed into the FC role. Mostly because everyone else is lazy as shit, or too drunk to speak properly over the comms.

My FC-ing has actually been pretty terrible. Half of the time we all end up dieing fiery deaths, and the other half the time we end up not getting a fight at all.

Well last night, I was once again pushed into the FC role, and we set out to roam around our rather quiet area. We were flying a pretty mixed gang, of Battlecruisers and T2 cruisers. Half were nano-ed and half were not. I explained to those who were not nano-ed my current track record, and told them that they were most likely going to be blown to a thousand pieces. But they wasn't phased... they simply just told me to hurry up and get the roam started!

So off we went. First we went off to Gademon, where our nearest neighbours hang out. They are called The Alpha and the Omega and we have have some pretty decent fights with them in the past.

With our Scout bot 9000 series Necio's voice exhibitors offline (his microphone was broke), Golden Helmet was set as role as scout, in what was actually MY Rapier. I had told him to be extra careful with it, as it was really well fit with a Faction disruptor. I knew as I was saying "DON'T GET IT BLOWN UP PLZ!" that is was a futile task. Golden Helmet is a solid pilot but hes also the most suicidal person in EvE. He would cyno his Carrier into a fleet of Dradnoughts just get a Bantam kill.

Anyway, GH scouted around looking for something to crush just ahead of us, and sadly found nothing but a Myrmidon and Harbinger, sitting on a high sec gate, who jumped the moment they saw us.

So I told everyone to set their destination to another system nearby called Antem, where a group of pilots live belonging to Chains of Chaos alliance (CoC from now on. Yes, their really called CoC)

Along the way we saw a Myrm and a Hurricane who also jumped back into high sec the moment they saw our numbers in the local channel. I hate high sec PvP'ers with a passion.

We continued to Antem and once we arrived we set ourselves up on the Antem gate. We sent Golden Helmet in to look around and tried to lure CoC out for a fight. While we were waiting on the gate a CoC catalyst jumped past us and saw everything we had.

CoC would no doubt gather the blob and my suspicions were confirmed when one of our scouts noticed a large CoC gang right behind us. I quickly decided that fighting them on a gate on the home system would be pretty stupid, so we decided to simply get out the way before the BS gang arrived and flattened us.

We quickly got out of local and headed further down the pipe. But while we were jumping we noticed that the CoC gang were following us. Quickly assessing the situation I figured that if we sat on the gate as they jumped though, got into our optimal ranges... we would have a decent advantage, as they would all be spread out and unable to remote rep, and we would be in perfect position to at least kill a few of them.

Their scout jumped through into us and quickly cloaked in his bomber. We waited a minute or two, and to our joy we saw the gate fire and local spike a little. It seemed the trip from Antem had actually spread them out a bit, giving us even more of an advantage.

Primaries were called the CoC ships started to explode One by One. First went one of the bombers who warped in abit to close, next a Dominix, then a Mega. We were losing our non-Nano ships as they made an easy Primary sitting right next to the CoC gang. My Gila was pretty safe, and I easily outrun a bunch of Ogre IIs that someone had put on me. I tried my best to keep up with Fc-ing and call both secondary and primary targets while keeping my ship outta harms way.

CoC kept sending more people, only to be destroyed by our now mostly nano gang (non nano-s were already dead) and we slowly picked them off. Eventually CoC decided to cut their losses and de-agress, then jump back into the previous system escaping.

Overall we lost 6 battlecruisers and killed 12 ships, 4 of them Battleships and one Ashimmu. We were slightly outnumbered and had smaller ships than CoC but somehow we managed to hold the field in the end. The amount of loot we received afterwards covered most of our losses with insurance so it really wasn't so bad.

My Fc-ing it seems has gone from getting the whole gang killed, to only getting HALF the gang killed. Definitely an improvement! :D

PS. I forgot to turn on fraps (seem to do that alot)


  1. I taught you everything you know.

  2. This combined with Helicity's post make for a fun read!

  3. Sounds good Andrea.. I am leaving EVE so I can give you the props you deserve without caring what my previous dicktator thinks.. oh wait, I am still posting anon so I am still a bloody tampon after all.

  4. You're doing a great job Skye. I'm proud of you. You do a great job keeping people active and on task. It's also helpful when you give pilots individual orders maximizing our fleet composition's potential.

  5. FC = one of the hardest roles in EVE. Props for stepping up.