Sunday, 27 September 2009

Whats this? A post?!

Why hello there my fellow compatriots. This is indeed a post and it is indeed on my blog.

As you may know I went away to play WoW, but here I am, back again... playing EvE. It was "inevitable" after all. So without further ado, here's a little story about what happened just a couple of hours ago.


NBSI. Or for those not familiar with the EvE acronyms, it means Not Blue Shoot It. Which in our corp (the glorious The Python Cartel) it means you can shoot pretty much anything, because we have very very few blues, which means we have very few friends outside of the corp. Some might say were like the North Korea of EvE.

A few days ago, a pilot of ours, Apoctasy, decided to leave the corp for reasons of his own. This is fine by me, if your not having fun, or wanna try something different then more power to you. Apoctasy is a really cool guy and Ive flown with him alot of times. We killed loads of things together and had alot of fun.

Anyway today we were gathering the guys together to start a gate camp in our local system. Everyone else undocked and warped to the gate ahead of me, as I had to refit my ship. That ship happened to be my beloved Tempest, and since I've recently just gained the skilled to use T2 large artillery... well that means Ive stuck T2 Large artillery on pretty much every ship that can fit them.

So lagging behind the others, I finally get the permission to undock. As I begin to align to the gate I notice a hauler undocking too.

"Great, a chance to test my 1400mm's again"

As I start spamming the lock tab on my console, I notice the name of the pilot... Shaka Laka... an alt of Apoctasy, which he uses to move his ships around. Obviously he was moving his gear to his new home.

Now I'm faced with a tricky dilemma. On one hand its a free target, He isn't blue, and he probably has a ton of cash in there. On the other, if I do kill him, he will probably never talk to me again. It only took me a few seconds to make the decision however, and it resulted in this.

I called out on our comms channel for somebody to grab the loot for me. As my ship was rather quite fragile with this setup, having no tank whatsoever. Spectre3353 answered my call and quickly scooped anything of value from the wreck just before Apoctasy could try to salvage anything from it, in his nice shiny Reaper.

The Hauler was worth over 200million isk and I didn't feel even the slightest bit bad until Apoctasy came onto our comms channel and asked why the hell I blew up his hauler. I didn't quite know how to respond and I just mumbled something about him being a "free target". Soon after that Apoctasy's friend, Twicedasize, came onto the comms and also voiced his opinion. Apparently I was a jerk for blowing him up. Twicedasize is in our corp at the moment, and Ive also flown with him alot of times.

Am I really a Jerk? Or was it just a fair game. What would you have done?

Given the same choice again.. I don't think I'd have done what I did...

This time I'd have podded him too.


  1. It was his own fault. If there is one thing we are, it is completely predictable and open about how we play. If you are not blue (a rarity) and you are not in our corp, you are a target. It's not really that tough to understand. I have lots of friends in game that I talk to every day in chat but the instant I see them out and about I am going to gank the fuck out of them if they let me. Apoc should not have been the least bit surprised at the outcome of sitting outside our home station in an untanked hauler.

  2. Hmmm caught between Scylla and Charybdis eh? ( the two sea monsters of Greek mythology) Boy tough choice indeed. The choice is on the pilot BUT i would only offer the following. IF he had asked when he left if he could be granted quarter to get his gear out of dodge, I'd say hang you up for being a bastard, if he asked for no quarter, and none were given, blow him away.

  3. I can understand he is pissed, but he should know better, and to be honest, he would have probably done it too.

  4. BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA..... Like everyone above said, he should have known better than ANYONE else. He knew the danger and NBSI. Lets see.. He did not scout his alt, he is not in corp no more, thus his alt is no longer blue= his alt is target. Plain and simple..
    Wait.. Skye, convo every hauler to make sure they are not a ex-hauler alt before you blow them to hell first..

  5. I agree..he knew you were in system and knew how you operate. Shame on him....

    Spec, I do find your comment funny though...seeing as how you let your non-blue 'idol' go a couple months back. :-P

  6. Doesn't it come down to if people trust you or not, i trust you completely even though i don't know you, I trust you to be a pirate :) , fair game i say.

  7. Me? I´m Dishonest, and you can always trust a dishonest man, honestly.. it is the honest ones you should be wary of.
    (or something like that spoken by Jack Sparrow)

    I say he knows about our trigger fingers, and how we work.. we´re predictable like that.

    But aye, had he gone into Python Public and gone "hey moving my hauler alt out, please dont shoot" -Then... you maybe should not have shot.. maybe :)

    oh and welcome back to blogging, EvE´in ye been doing for a while aye?

  8. As a future Python hopeful (so new right now, it'd be an insult to the Cartel to even suggest letting me in) I have to say, you did exactly what you should've done.... As the infamous Tarentino line goes, '"And the snake answered, "Look, bitch, you knew I was a snake."'


  9. Zan - great quote! Which film?

  10. Its pretty common for us python guys to gank the shit out former members.

  11. That's from Natural Born Killers... I know technically an Oliver Stone movie, but it's based on a screenplay by Tarentino (granted it was revised a bit, but I still credit Quentin for the great movie)
    It's from the part with the Native American Medicine Man (when he's telling the story)