Tuesday, 27 October 2009


What goes around...

Ive always frowned on scamming in any game I play. I always thought I was a lame way to make money and was kinda like cheating. But after hearing of how a couple of my corpies make billions of isk in only a few hours... and staring at my ever shrinking wallet... I decided to get rid of my last shred of decency and take up scamming.

Off I went in my hauler to a nearby trade hub, and I began to use a scamming technique that we all learnt from Lanisum. It was a slow start, most people see a scam right away, and even try to scam you back. After about the 20th convo, and about to give up.. I received a mail saying that he would take all three of my "Fleet Stabbers" off my hands for a reasonable price. After abit of Bartering he brought them for 210 mil for all three.

Except of course they wasn't actually Fleet Stabbers. They were just normal stabbers with a different name. He even thanked me afterwards for giving him a great deal. He probably still flying around in them right now, still not realising they aren't the real thing.

With my first successful scam, I began to get a feel for it. Don't act to pushy, act normal and most of all LIE LIE LIE.

A couple of hours later I was sitting upon 1.3 billion isk and instead of moping in the station wondering where my next meal was going to come from.. now I was looking through every contract throughout EvE looking to splash out on a shiny faction BS.

...comes around

In the end I brought Macherial.. from a friend from Space Jerks (our blue friends in Egg)

I'd always wanted one. Back in the days when I got in my first Rifter I had always dreamed of flying one. In my opinion it is the Sexiest ship in all of EvE bar none.

Scrapping together my modules I managed to fit the Macherial pretty decently with even a couple of faction mods. I sat for a moment spinning it in the station, admiring its beauty from every angle. But this wouldn't do... I needed BLOOD! I needed to get my first killmail with it.

Undocking, I sat outside for a few minutes, and sure enough, a few moments later a Iteron Hauler appeared and docked at our station.

"Haha sucker" I thought "wait till you undock..."

So I waited..

And waited..

And waited some more.

After about 20 minutes of waiting and slowly growing bored of it. I was kinda surprised to see a pilgrim uncloak about 30km off.

I was sitting next to a fellow corpie, Brick0joe (we call him Felix) who was in an Abaddon. Watching Felix start to attack the pilgrim I decided to do the same. As were attacking it, I notice a message in our Intel channel for a different corpie telling me to be careful about agressing the pilgrim. Apparently he well known for bringing huge amounts of ships to kill greatly outnumbered foes.

Looking at local, and seeing it was nearly empty I continued to fire.

" What can he possibly bring thats quick enough to kill me? Id see them enter local and then just deagress and safetly dock up"

The pilgrim was burning towards us quite slowly and was about to go into structure when he suddenly opened a Cyno, and a few seconds later a Huge blob of battle ships and carriers arrive.

Jump bridge. Doh

Deagressing and recalling my drones as quick as I could I started to spam the docking authorities for permission to dock.




About to enter structure, I checked my aggression timer to see I still had about 15 seconds before I could dock. I gave up and watched as my structure melted away and my brand new Macherial exploded into a thousand pieces.


I had had the ship for about 30 minutes and the worst thing is, I never even got a killmail. Karma is indeed a bitch.


  1. Wrong place at the wrong time. I guess that proves one of the downsides to owning a shiny faction ship as well... attracts peoples attention. Now start scamming again so you can buy another and shield tank this one.

  2. on the other hand, as the saying goes: "you cannot scam an honest man"

    The only reason people fall for it is because THEY think they are pulling one over on YOU xD

    Still, im sorry bout the macha... should have listened to me and bought 50 thrashers...

  3. Aye... nobody lights a cyno and jump-bridge a blob in to kill a thrasher.. ;)

    Tough luck tho