Friday, 13 August 2010

Fuck you too Spectre.

Firstly, my last post was indeed a troll and I never actually stole anybodies ships. It was all just a big joke and I'm surprised so many people believed it. I had quite a few messages in-game about how I'm such a bad person. But the jokes on you!

Anyway, after reading this post I feel as tho I have to get some facts straight.

First and foremost. Yes I did steal all his isk. yes I did steal all his ships. Overall I got about 3 billion isk (when I sell the ships anyway) and I have no intention of giving them back.

Why would I do this to someone I have known so long? Because Spectre is a drunken, egotistical, moron who contributed nothing to Python. Everyday he would log on vent, pissed out his brain, declaring how awesome he was and how shit we all were.

After a lengthy argument the other night over vent I decided to take matters in my own hands. I still had his password and account details from a long time ago, so I waited until I knew he was at work (and unable to log EvE) and simply just logged his account and took everything I could, as quick as I could.

I then sent Spectre an email telling him why, as I wanted to be upfront about what I did. I was nice enough to leave him 0.69 isk tho, so he should count himself lucky.

Quit your whining Spectre. This is EvE, getting fucked over is part of the game, and you sir... just got fucked over.



  1. Send me some isk and I won't report you homo's for account sharing.

    Fucking lovers quarrel. =P

  2. So, you've proven you're better than an asshole by being a debateably larger asshole?

  3. You piwat types are pathetic but very funny :))

  4. *applause*

  5. Goddamn that was a twat move.

  6. I'm still reserving judgement - this could be an epic troll. if not though, damn, thats cold. Or sexy. Depending on your viewpoint :)

  7. Troll! More entertaining than lag.

  8. You will be kicked for account sharing. Can I havez your stuffz?

  9. BEST SCAM EVER! Nice read, believable, not a known scammer.. Awesome, just awesome!